Reader Responses, February 14, 2014: Readers take sides in upcoming GOP primary races

Published on Thursday, 13 February 2014 22:31 - Written by

It is a pleasure for me to endorse Skip Ogle for state representative, District 6 — the seat I held for fourteen years.

As a former representative, I know how important it is to be available to constituents. Unfortunately, our present representative did not make that a top priority. He did not open a local office until five months after he was sworn in — after the end of the regular legislative session. Skip Ogle has pledged to open a local office to serve our community on the first day he’s on the job.

Skip is a real conservative who shares our East Texas values. With almost 20 years experience in government relations at the state level, he is well prepared to take on the legislative tasks of the position.

I am confident Skip will accomplish great things if given the opportunity to represent us in Austin.

He has the demeanor to work effectively for the good of our district and the personality to make all of us proud of his representation.

I strongly endorse Skip Ogle in the Republican primary on March 4.

Leo Berman




I am asking my friends to join me in voting for Skip Ogle as our next state representative in District 6. Skip has been very active in numerous community organizations for many years.

He has volunteered his service for many grassroots causes, which makes him uniquely qualified to understand the needs of this district.

We certainly need a conservative voice in Austin, but we also need an effective voice. Although both candidates in this race are conservative, we need someone who can get the job done — who can change minds, build consensus, seek common bonds, and demonstrate leadership.

Skip Ogle understands you cannot represent the district well without working with others at home and in Austin. Skip will listen to constituents first, and then work to produce change in the Legislature.

While most of us pay attention to our legislator’s voting record, we rarely hear about the assistance they can provide to citizens who have issues involving state government.

We need a state representative who will operate a district office to serve the needs of constituents on a full-time basis starting on Day 1 — not five months after they take office. Voters must have full confidence their legislator’s door is always open to hear their views. Citizens should be encouraged to participate in the lawmaking process with a full-time, active, energetic and thoughtful elected leader. I strongly believe Skip Ogle has the temperament and qualifications to best serve as our representative.

Please join me in voting for Skip Ogle.

Ted Kamel




Smith County voters need to vote for John Jarvis for the 321st District Court. He is an experienced attorney who has practiced family law, is a CPA, and a father who is compassionate for the children who are served by this court.

The present judge has overspent her budget. In 2013, Commissioners Court had to transfer $447,000 into her budget.

Most of us believe in following a budget and not spending money we do not have. Someone has to pay, and it is us — the taxpayers.

John will manage our money wisely and provide for the children in this court.

Sarah Cooper




Despite the obstacles state Rep. Matt Schaefer faced in getting his Tyler office open, from day one, his personal cell phone number has been readily available to anyone seeking it. As a former Smith County Republican chairman, I know that a call to our local Republican Party office or a click on the party’s webpage will provide contact information to assist in reaching elected officials.

For anyone to imply that Rep. Schaefer was unavailable is a feeble attempt to mislead.

Marcia Daughtrey