Reader Responses, February 9, 2014: Readers offer their views on GOP primary candidates

Published on Saturday, 8 February 2014 23:18 - Written by

If you have ever had an issue in a business, restaurant or retail establishment, would you expect the representative or manager to just say “No”?

Skip Ogle is a small business owner, who makes a payroll. He finds solutions to problems every day that affect his business and team.

When his opponent just said “No” to the recent TISD school bond, Skip Ogle engaged by joining the Career and Technology Steering Committee to find solutions and help create pathways to careers for our students.

When his opponent just said “No” to a Texas water plan, Skip Ogle’s leadership within the Tyler Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee sought answers and supported this plan to protect East Texas water resources.

When his opponent just said “No” to transparency in the state’s Mixed Beverage Tax Law (one of only two members of the Legislature to do so), Skip Ogle said “Yes” to transparency in Texas State Government.

When I needed to contact my state representative, I had to either call Austin or go to Austin.

I have served with Skip Ogle for five years on several boards, task forces and committees. He personifies the definition of “representative.” Citizens of Tyler and all members of our business community deserve a voice, a true representative in Austin.

Bob Westbrook




Skip Ogle has run a positive campaign and is running on his merits and ideas for Texas. I like that he has worked for a large Texas employer and knows how to work with others in Austin — this is a plus for me. Skip Ogle is conservative, pro-business and pro-growth — he will make a wonderful representative of whom we can be proud.

Susan Rossman




Texas has recently experienced its hottest year on record and the worst one-year drought in the state’s history. With the state’s dwindling water supply and booming population growth, water development will be a major issue in the next Texas legislative session.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst recently appointed our own Sen. Kevin Eltife to the Water Implementation Fund for the Texas Advisory Committee. This appointment gives East Texas good positioning in the Senate. However, Sen. Eltife needs someone he can count on in the House to move legislation forward to protect our water resources from metropolitan areas that desperately need water.

Since our current state rep could not carry the UT Tyler bill for the pharmacy school, how do you think he will manage carrying bills that protect our water resources in East Texas?

This is but one reason we need a state representative who has a proven record of coalition building in our community, serving in many organizations that serve our community. Skip Ogle will be a new conservative face on the scene that has no baggage coming into the session.

Vote for Skip Ogle — maintaining our water supply depends on it.

Kenneth Threlkeld




Recently there have been a few letters sent in by readers concerning a comment made by a candidate for the judges’ seat in the Smith County 321st district court. John Jarvis said his experience as a parent would benefit decisions made by the court. The statement that “I am a parent, my opponent is not” is simply a fact and I cannot understand why Judge Clark’s supporters accuse Mr. Jarvis of dirty politics.

I was present at Jan. 18 debate in which this occurred and I can attest that this was a direct statement of a truth with no hint of a personal attack.

This seems to be a sign of desperation on the part of Clark supporters who know their candidate’s history of being financially irresponsible with taxpayers money.

The issue in this race is not who is a parent and who is not. The real issue is that we need to elect a judge in the 321st who will stay within the budget and not mismanage taxpayers’ money.

Kevin Williams