Reader Responses, September 22

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I want to praise Robert Dear, the treasurer for the Emergency Services District No. 2, for being willing to stand up to the runaway money spending ESD. All the tight monetary controls put into place by the previous boards, which lead to paying off hundreds of thousands of unnecessary debt, have been brushed aside by a rubber-stamp board that was appointed by Smith County Judge Joel Baker.

It should now be obvious that we have paid firefighters, not traditional volunteers. A large percentage of them are not even Texas certified.

For Smith County Fire Marshal Jim Seaton to try to draw a comparison to Tyler Fire Department is ridiculous.

Seaton is the fire marshal who investigates the cause of fires. He is not the chief fire spokesman, even though he constantly lobbies for the VFDs.

A new law will place the authority in a soon-to-be elected board, not the county judge or fire marshal. We need good men who are not going to be the puppets of VFD chiefs who never meet a dollar they don’t want to spend. Seaton said we have 330 volunteers — that’s funny, because the previous board heard how we had to pay the firemen who used to volunteer, as no one was responding to fires.

Perhaps the current director should give up the method of having seven departments at a time respond to a fire or a car wreck and make each area dependent on their local department. And if we have suddenly so many volunteers, then the taxes should be reduced, instead of just raking in the extra revenue this year.

Judge Mitch Shamburger

Smith County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4


Now that the Tyler school district will request an exemption to increase the number of students in a classroom to save $600,000 in teacher cost, I wonder if the board of trustees has given any consideration to provide a bonus to those 48 teachers who now will be burdened with more students, more work and more preparation. Or will their attitude be that these teachers can handle it?

I wonder if the board or TISD administrative personnel would be happy to be forced to do more at the same compensation. As a former substitute teacher, I am aware of the extra work necessary to maintain discipline and keep students on track in a large class as opposed to a small class.

It seems only right and fair that the board and/or TISD administration should adequately compensate these teachers who are saving the district $600,000.

Jim Hicks



I applause to the Tyler Morning Telegraph for printing our U.S. Constitution. This may be the first time many have heard of, much less seen, our Constitution.

Isn’t it odd that our constitutional republic is not being operated as a constitutional republic? Instead it is run as a democracy. In other words, mob rule.

R.W. Moore



It’s become harder and harder in recent years to subject yourself to the media without feeling despondent. The news is often dismal at best; too much murder and mayhem, fires, floods, tornados and hurricanes, not to mention politics.

I was delighted to see a story in an out of town paper about a 78-year-old woman watching television late one night with her shotgun by her side. Her dog accidentally knocked it over and it went off, shooting her in the foot.

The victim told police it was an accident and the dog was not to blame.

“He has the right to remain silent,” she said.

Call me insensitive, but I laughed until my sides hurt.

Hugh Neeld