Reader Responses, August 6

Published on Tuesday, 5 August 2014 23:53 - Written by

Government has wasted money on ‘renewable’ fuels

I was disappointed to read in a recent letter to the editor that fossil fuels contribute to climate change, or global warming, without any supporting evidence. It’s mostly a fantasy perpetrated by individuals benefiting from using other peoples’ money to support a questionable theory.

Touting the benefits of wind and solar energy as a major energy source in our immediate future is a further fantasy.

Our government has wasted a lot of money it doesn’t have in a fruitless effort to support “alternative” energy schemes.

And I’ll overlook the letter writer’s reference to Norway, which is like a large state here.

Serious research and actual events will eventually demonstrate beyond a doubt that man’s activity has no measurable effect on global warming.

Look at the sun and solar activity, and plan accordingly.

Norm Beavers



A recent letter on “Fossil Fuels” demonstrated the writer’s lack of knowledge in the following ways. First, he says carbon dioxide is a pollutant — it is a natural part of Earth’s atmosphere, without which plant life would cease. Second, he says that wind and solar power do not kill wildlife — while both solar and wind energy generators kill multiple thousands of birds each year. And third, he says that many facilities are showing financial savings by using wind and solar generated power — the truth is that wind and solar power are money sinkholes and are only possible because of the gift of tax money from all of us.

John W. Prestridge



The sadness I feel about our nation’s downward spiral, caused by the current administration’s disregard for enforcing our laws and abiding by the Constitution, has been partially alleviated by three things I have either read, viewed or attended in the last few weeks.

The first was the movie “America” by Dinesh D’Souza. It is one of the most powerful documentaries I have seen and every American citizen should see it, as it really shows how we are being taken for a ride by the liberal media and our government.

It gives you hope that with this knowledge we can fight, and with the right elected officials, we can get back the moral code which made this country great.

The second thing I did which gives me hope is I read two books written by Dr. Ben Carson. They were “America the Beautiful” and his latest, “One Nation.”

The insight this man has of the world, our nation, human nature (and just plain common sense) makes you feel if he were elected our next President we would be blessed with another Ronald Reagan.

This is a man we should all get behind.

The third was visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Some of you may feel he was not a strong leader or that his decisions were not always correct, but once you go through his museum and library, you feel clean compared to what we have now. You see how strong a leader and good person he really was and is.

I have personally felt these things anyway, but going through his Center just helped confirm my appraisal of him.

I think if you take the time to encounter these three experiences I have had, you will be ready to get involved and see that our elected officials meet our Founding Fathers core policies and values.

James W. Blair Jr.



Which is more corrupt, the EPA or the IRS?

They are both toxic and cancerous bureaucracies that are too corrupt from the inside to be salvaged.

The only way to cure the problem is shut them down completely and replace them with smaller, streamlined agencies that can be watched much closer.

Both have huge budgets and are completely out of control.

They are the poster children for “bigger is not better.”

Charlie Goff