Reader Responses, June 8, 2014

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Something struck me as I read the recent editorial, “Bloomberg makes a case for freedom,” (June 3, 2014) in which Michael Bloomberg tells his Harvard audience that “tolerance for other peoples’ ideas and freedom to express your own are inseparable values.”

I thought about how Mr. Bloomberg seems to only care about his own ideas, and those of people like filmmaker Michael Moore, when it comes to gun control and laws. It seems his ideas are the only ones that matter.

He goes on to tell the campus he thinks universities should not teach students what to think but how to think, “and that requires listening to the other side, weighing arguments without prejudicing them and determining whether the other side might actually make some fair points.”

Well, Mr. Bloomberg, I want my rights left alone when it comes to my ability to purchase, carry and use a gun. I’m not asking you to become a card-carrying member of the NRA, just leave those of us who are or want to be, alone.

Use your millions to feed hungry children, find a cure to a disease, build schools and pay for teachers, care for the elderly, or rehabilitate veterans.

Jennifer Davin



Our out-of-control government has hundreds of departments and agencies where thousands of bureaucrats make hundreds of thousands of regulations and rules that govern and affect virtually everything and everyone.

There is no effective oversight and no control or even knowledge of what these unelected people are doing.

Let’s just examine one — the EPA: They recently released 6,000 new insidious regulations. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates this will cost billions per year and result in the loss of 225,000 jobs each year. The regulations go a long way toward destroying the coal industry — something Obama promised to do when elected.

Another is the biggest land grab in history, in expanding water supervision and control rights to ditches, drains and isolated wet spots over private property throughout the entire country. The other 5,000-plus regulations cover everything including your kitchen sink. (They already control your toilet flush tank capacity). And the rules include unknowable violations you are unaware of.

The overreach and onerous burden of government is too big to even describe or tabulate much less fix.

They are working on thousands of new regulations and rules every day, too many to read and know about much less comply with.

Even if citizens, through Congress, cancelled a hundred rules per day, we would still be losing ground to faceless unelected “lawmaker” bureaucrats.

Harry Bergman



Take a look at the Veterans Administration over the last four decades.

It is a look at the future Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) bureaucracy.

Charlie Goff



It is sad to see the roadkill pile up around here of Democrats who think they can get elected in a Republican Primary just because they are the best qualified. What foolishness.

Republicans can’t get elected any more in a Republican primary in Smith County.

David Henderson


Smith County

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