Reader Responses - endorsements in upcoming GOP runoff

Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014 21:40 - Written by

This is the first letter to the editor I have ever submitted. But I do so because I firmly believe that Mike Patterson is the right person to become the next judge of the County Court at Law. I have known Mike Patterson for 12 years in various capacities. When I was a councilman for the city of Tyler, I saw first-hand Mike’s commitment to this community — especially as an advocate for historic preservation issues and in efforts to support development of Tyler’s downtown.

As a friend, I observed his steadfast moral and ethical principles, which are evidenced by his AV Preeminent peer-review rating. And in my role as a lawyer who had several cases that he mediated, I experienced first-hand his ability to resolve complex legal issues, exercise wisdom and judgment, and provide steady, fair leadership that helped a number of litigating parties resolve their disputes through mediation. His nearly four decades of legal experience meant that he had a broad knowledge of the law that uniquely situated him to command the respect of all of the attorneys and litigants that he encountered in his practice. And I have no doubt that he will bring these qualities and experience to the bench as a judge.

Knowledge of the law; experience practicing law; wisdom in applying the law; steadiness and fairness in dealing with fellow lawyers and litigants; and the judicial temperament of a seasoned man of the law — these are the qualities of Mike Patterson and the reasons I am supporting him to be the next County Court at Law judge.

Nathaniel Moran



I am supporting Jason Ellis in the Republican primary run-off election for judge of the Smith County Court at Law. I grew up in Tyler and now practice law in Smith County. In Texas courts, judges are afforded wide discretion in interpreting and applying the rule of law. In exercising that discretion, a judge will likely look to his own values and principles to inform his decision. Therefore, it is important that Smith County Republican voters elect a judge who shares their values. Jason Ellis is a lifelong Republican and a consistent constitutional conservative. He adheres to the ideals of limited government espoused by Ronald Reagan. Jason has pledged to run the court with business-like efficiency to better serve the citizens of Smith County.

Furthermore, Jason has the experience, energy and dedication to be an exceptional judge. Jason has handled more than 1,000 cases during the course of his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Smith County District Attorney’s office and in private practice. Given his experience and credentials, voters can trust Jason to handle cases with expertise and efficiency. Jason has a great reputation in the legal community and has shown his commitment to working hard for the citizens of Smith County by pledging to be on call for law enforcement 24 hours a day. He is the only candidate in this race to make that pledge.

For the reasons above, I ask the voters of Smith County to join me in supporting Jason Ellis for Judge of the Smith County Court at Law.

Cameron Carter



It is clear that Mike Patterson has the experience needed to be our next judge of the County Court at Law. With 36 years of legal experience in criminal and civil law, including the last 17 as an impartial mediator, his qualifications make him the best choice. Be sure to vote for Mike Patterson.

Pam and Mike Jones



One of the things I consider when voting for a judge is how he runs his campaign. In its simplest form, there are two ways to campaign — a positive way discussing your qualifications and experience, or a negative way attacking your opponent. Over the years, it has appeared to me that those who run negative campaigns do so because they have little to say about themselves. Mike Patterson has run a positive campaign stressing his diverse 36 years of legal experience as well as he and his wife, Penny’s, service to this community. I’m voting for Mike Patterson for Judge of the Smith County Court at Law and encouraging others to do the same.

Matt Hamm