Readers offer their endorsements in primary runoff

Published on Saturday, 17 May 2014 22:37 - Written by

As Republican Party Chairman for 12 years and 35 years of Republican activist experience, I confidently endorse Mike Patterson for election as County Court at Law judge. Voters who have studied the candidates understand Mike Patterson’s superb qualifications. Mike has decades of Smith County experience in all types of judicial cases, and has earned the respect of the legal community as an outstanding lawyer and mediator. He has raised his family here and understands our citizenry.

In all the years that I’ve know Mike, he’s always shown the conservative nature of his opinions on important issues. More than once I’ve seen Mike pull out his pocket U.S. Constitution to back up his opinion.

Not only is he focused on judicial restraint, but he has the temperament and soft spoken personality that will help the court deal justice with fairness and compassion for the victims and families.

Voter participation is the key to selecting a winner that reflects the entire community’s desires.

John L. de Noyelles




I will vote for Mike Patterson for judge of the Smith County Court at Law. Mike Patterson’s career and experience have spanned 36 years and have involved all areas of legal matters that can be presented in that court. The Smith County Court at Law is not a political venue. Rather, it requires impartiality and even-handedness in applying the law. We should elect the person who is the most qualified to perform the required judicial duties, and Mike is that person.

James W. Knowles




I met Jason Ellis, candidate for Smith County Court at Law judge, when he prosecuted one of my clients in a jury trial. I was impressed that he carried himself throughout the trial like a seasoned trial lawyer, and convincingly showed he was current on the law and trial tactics. After his service with the District Attorney’s office, Mr. Ellis was elected president of our local criminal defense lawyer’s group. Again, Mr. Ellis gave impressive presentations.

He will also excel in family law and other civil matters. Mr. Ellis has the integrity to exercise a firm levy of the law as required. And because most citizens that come before judges are young, Mr. Ellis’ professional and leadership qualities and high moral standards will guide him to go the extra distance to encourage these people on a personal level.

Mr. Ellis is the same age as my son and daughter, both working in the medical field, as does Mr. Ellis’ wife, Dr. Andrea Ellis, MD. All four are in their 30s and, like many of my friends’ children, these young people are smart, talented, responsible and civic-minded. I am convinced this millennial generation will become our next greatest generation and your vote for Jason Ellis is a wise investment in our community.

Eric Dana Jensen




I would like to endorse Mike Patterson for judge in the upcoming runoff for County Court at Law. I have known him through various volunteer positions that we have both held in the Tyler community and find him to be an individual of integrity.

It is impossible to find a substitute for practical experience, and his 36 years of experience in the field of law is something that sets him apart from his opponent. I think that Mike would be an impartial judge who strives to uphold existing laws in his courtroom. I hope that you will consider joining me in support of Mike Patterson.

Beth Whitney




As former Chairman of the Smith County Republican Party, I have reviewed qualifications of many judicial candidates. I have known Mike Patterson for more than 30 years, and during this time I have had the pleasure of working with him and his wife, Penny, on several community projects.

Mike has always exhibited characteristics that will ideally transfer to the role of the County Court at Law: consensus building; fair mindedness, and a complete understanding of the issues at hand before expressing his opinion.

His 36 years of legal experience, especially his 17 most recently as an impartial mediator, means Mike Patterson will serve the citizens of Smith County well as the next judge of the County Court at Law.

Bill Lust