Reader Responses, May 9, 2014

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Don Warren is my choice for City Council, District 4. Don currently chairs the Bergfeld Park Improvement Project, which serves as a prime example of a public-private partnership focused on creating a dynamic outdoor venue for all of Tyler’s diverse population to enjoy.

He listens to ideas, concerns and suggestions about the park and builds consensus to develop a workable plan for the park’s future.

As chairman, Don’s ability to coordinate this effort among city officials, citizens and local organizations is a skill which will easily transfer to City Hall.

Don also co-chairs the Downtown Arts Center Task Force, as well as currently serving on the boards of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Gateway to Hope, in addition to supporting other local causes that are close to his heart.

Don appreciates the successes of these organizations do not result from one man’s efforts, but are only possible through teamwork and mutual respect.

These volunteer endeavors illustrate Don’s willingness to listen to people from all walks of life to foster a cooperative tone.

When you combine this philanthropic spirit with his experience as a small business owner, I believe Don is well positioned to serve as an advocate for all Tyler citizens.

District 4 voters have the opportunity to elect a council member who has shown his devotion to his hometown. Because I believe his energy and passion will continue on the City Council, Don will receive my vote.

Travis Booher




Ross Strader is my pastor and good friend and has my full support in the District 5 race for the TISD School Board. If you haven’t voted, please vote and vote for Ross.

Ross is “the real deal.” What you see is what you get. He loves the Lord and not only teaches truth, but lives out what he teaches. Ross is faithful to all he commits to.

He is a man of integrity and is a servant leader. He is honest and speaks truth even when it is hard. He is very intelligent and a visionary. He is out for the good of the cause, not for his own name.

He trusts the Lord to lead him. He loves his wife and children and strives to keep his priorities in check. He loves those around him and is sensitive to their needs.

A vote for Ross is a vote for every child and educator in our community. TISD has been blessed to have him serve on the board the last several months, and District 5 needs to keep him on the school board for the good of everyone in Tyler.

Molly Holbrook




According to a May 1 Houston Chronicle article, the state of Texas fell 11 spots to No. 33 in the nation in bicycle safety. Kenneth Dean of the Tyler Paper reported on April 18 that three area cyclists had been hit within an 8 day period.

Given these recent reports, perhaps it’s time for proactive measures to enhance cyclist safety in East Texas?

Fortunately, the MPO, TxDot’s Billy Hibbs and District Engineer Randy Hopmann along with Drs. Mike Metke and Rod Mabry are forming a Citizen’s Advisory Cycling Committee to address safety and cycling in East Texas.

It will be interesting to see how our committee addresses the causes of Texas’ fall in safety rankings.

Bob Brewer