Reader Responses, February 28, 2014

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We have a clear choice in East Texas between Matt Schaefer, a God-fearing Navy veteran, and Skip Ogle, a longtime political lobbyist with plenty of political signs. I’ve never been more proud to support Matt Schaefer than I am right now. Matt has the courage to represent East Texans in Austin instead of bending to the whims of career politicians, or playing into “the system.”

We voted for Matt in 2012, not because he promised to blend in to the good-old-boy system, but because he promised to represent our values, our needs and fortify our economy. Matt is exactly the kind of person I want representing me in Austin, and he will fight for those core values we cherish so much here in Tyler.

I urge my fellow District 6 residents to vote for Matt Schaefer on March 4.

Allen Arrick




In a recent editorial in the Tyler Morning Telegraph endorsing the area’s political candidates, reference was made to Matt Schaefer being relegated to minor committees in Austin such as Defense and Veterans Affairs, implying that these committees were not significant to District 6. As a veteran, I take exception to that characterization, knowing the importance the issues handled and the lives they affect.

There are over 16,000 veterans in Smith County. Approximately 8 percent of all veterans reside in Texas. It takes quality leadership to work with all aspects of government, not one of going along just to get along.

Matt Schaefer has that quality of leadership. He works for the good of the community and all of Texas. He is a conservative leader who maintains a sharp focus on the workings in Austin and addresses the issues important to our state.

He is the capable candidate not only to help build the future of District 6 but Texas overall. I support Matt Schaefer and recommend that all veterans vote for this fellow veteran.

Jim Snow




A November 30 headline in the Tyler Paper stated that Tyler oilman Curtis Mewbourne and other pro-business and pro-economic support is shifting away from our Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer.

Concomitantly, Feb 3’s Wall Street Journal identified the deceptively named Texas Conservatives Fund Super PAC as spending $5,511,602 opposing our constitutional hero U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

Who do you suspect was the fifth largest contributor to the TCF Super PAC opposing Ted Cruz? Tyler’s own Curtis Mewbourne.

As Sen. Cruz has stated many times, “Our battle is not between Republicans and Democrats, it’s between liberty and big government. Big Business gets along fine with Big Government. Freedom and Liberty do not.”

If you want more big government and a deeper quagmire of drowning debt and regulation, vote for lobbyist Skip Ogle.

If you want liberty and freedom, retain Sen. Cruz and vote to re-elect Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer in District 6

Bob Brewer




Many seniors on Medicare can afford extended coverage with the various Medicare Advantage plans offered by insurance companies. The federal government sold seniors on this coverage as a way to get more people that could not afford regular policies.

Now President Obama is going back on promises that Obamacare would not affect a single thing in the Advantage program. Where are the AARP people now that promoted Obamacare with all their ads saying how great Obamacare will be?

We were told that the Advantage program would give low income people a chance to afford insurance.

As this redistribution of wealth policy is put in place, more and more seniors will see their monies going to people that don’t want to work,

We have paid into Medicare all these years and I don’t want to see my costs go up to support yet another Socialist program. Enough is enough. Maybe this will wake up some more Democrats to what their president is doing to this country.

David Carder