Reader Responses, December 29

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I speak from personal experience when I write that Texas House Rep. Matt Schaefer represents the citizens of District 6 in the best possible manner.

In 2013, I was privileged to testify on legislation pending before the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, of which Rep. Schaefer is a member. Rep. Schaefer made the opportunity to speak with me during a session break, asked me pertinent questions about my position on a law change and listened carefully to what I had to say. This all took place during a busy legislative session when representatives had many matters to consider and had many demands on their time. I am very grateful to Rep. Schaefer for his time and attention.

I include District 5 Rep. Bryan Hughes, also a member of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, in my remarks.

If you take the opportunity to go to Austin to see your legislators in action, you will be amazed at their busy schedules and how much they accomplish on our behalf.

I saw for myself that each of these representatives works hard to take care of the business of their constituents.

Carol P. Thompson




Our present State Rep. Matt Schaefer has accomplished very little while managing to antagonize the bulk of our state legislature. When the Tyler Paper criticized his performance he replied that he would not, “compromise his principles,” while over and over again emphasizing his opposition to abortion, his support for gun rights and other issues that are not relevant to the legislative process as it exists in Austin.

One would have to be delusional to believe that our state legislative bodies would pass any anti-conservative legislation. The house has almost a two-thirds Republican majority, and Republicans control the Senate and every statewide office. To believe that a pro-abortion, anti-gun bill could possibly pass is to suspend reason.

Rep. Schaefer would have us believe that the vast majority of his fellow Republicans from around the state are way too liberal, which represents a threat to conservative values; the truth is this simply isn’t so.

The issues that face Texas with regards to transportation, water, and schools are real and need to be addressed, but to do this one must create a working relationship with other Republicans, and even fair-minded Democrat legislators, which Schaefer has shown an inability or unwillingness to do.

Essentially, Schaefer has his own agenda which has not served our community well, but then again Schaefer has never opened a district office while the Legislature was in session, or even had a local telephone number. In this Schaefer has demonstrated his total contempt for the voters in this district.

In short, let’s elect someone who knows the district and who will represent our community and work to solve our state’s problems: In sum, Skip Ogle is the ideal candidate for our District 6 state representative.

Michael Smith




In 1905 George Santayana wrote in “The Life of Reason” a quote used many times by scholars and politicians the world over: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The study of history will show us the mistakes and accomplishments our great nation has made.

The United States has been the rich uncle, which has sent its sons and daughters to fight for the freedom, liberty and democracy all over the world.

Our reward is a national debt our great-grandchildren can’t pay and veterans who have given their lives and limbs for their country’s foolish strategy of being a police force for the world. We have “friends” who hate us.

Will our leaders stop long enough to learn from History?

John Cole