TX Mom gives birth at a gas station/reported by FOX 44

Published on Saturday, 27 July 2013 19:27 - Written by

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 2:40pm

(CNN) — When an expecting mother says it's time to go, you better listen.

One Texas woman told the father-to-be she couldn't make the wait to the hospital and gave birth somewhere else instead.

Lots of birthing stories start a little like this...

"I called the hospital and said I was having contractions and they were pretty close together. About four to five minutes apart, if that," said new mother, Julie Williams.

But very few end like this...

"We make it to the truck, we get in the truck, and he says...babe...we need to get gas."

But mom, Julie Williams, knew what dad, Jay Owens, didn't.

It was time.

"I pushed one time, he goes and pumps a couple dollars in gas and by the time he gets back into the car, I was pretty much delivering my daughter."

"It was just surprising, I get back into the truck and she's pulling her out," said father, Jake Owens.

"He leaves with one girl in the truck and comes back to two," said Williams.

Right at pump seven, at seven Wednesday morning, the seven pound little girl made her big debut.

A nurse suggested naming her Val for Valero where she was delivered, but mom already knew the perfect name had been chosen long before her birth, Journee.

And what a journey it's already been.