Scores of computer attacks launched every minute

Published on Wednesday, 8 July 2015 16:13 - Written by

It’s been a bad day for IT people in major companies and organizations in the U.S., as United Continental airlines, the New York Stock Exchange and the Wall Street Journal have all experienced major computer-related issues.

Some have speculated that the three large companies experiencing such severe problems in the same morning was due to some coordinated external attack. So far, no officials of the three companies have confirmed any kind of attack.

But take a look at the video on this page. This is a live look of a map of computer attacks being launched around the world. This afternoon in the 2 p.m. hour, the map published by Norse, a company that specializes in shielding companies from computer attacks, shows relentless attacks being launched from China toward the St. Louis Missouri area.

A major cluster of large data centers that serve some of the nation’s largest companies is located in the St. Louis suburb of Kirksville. You can see the map for yourself in real time at

There is no confirmation that what we are seeing here is directly or indirectly related to the major problems experienced today. But, we certainly can’t say they are not. And, we thought this might give you some context on just how many computer attacks are launched around the globe each minute. And just what kind of challenge the IT people at major companies face every day.