VIDEO: Outside Times Square, objects other than illuminated orbs will be descending at midnight tonight

Published on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 10:00 - Written by

When Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor — who will lead the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration Tuesday — touches off New York City's ball drop, the illuminated orb won't be the only thing falling around the country at midnight.These days, cities are dropping an array of creative items to cheering crowds as locals mimic the massive Times Square countdown event that has come to symbolize the nation's New Year's moment.

For the last six years, Mobile, Alabama, has been dropping a 12-foot electronic MoonPie logo, made of plastic and LED lights, from the 34-story RSA Trustmark building on New Year's Eve. Atlanta has dropped an eight-hundred-pound, 8-by-8-foot fiberglass and foam peach since 1989. It takes about 58 seconds for the peach to descend from a 138-foot tower of lights.

Another tradition is just catching on in Arizona, where Prescott residents will watch an illuminated 6-foot cowboy boot be lowered from a fire engine ladder for the third year. In a salute to Wisconsin's dairy industry, the city of Plymouth will drop a decorated metal cheese wedge from a truck ladder raised 100 feet high. Although Easter is usually their busy time of year, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home to the marshmallow Peep factory, will drop a giant Peep from the top of its headquarters.

In the wildlife category, Brasstown, North Carolina, drops a live possum and Port Clinton, Ohio, lowers a fish.