Police encourage drivers to watch for pedestrians especially during morning, evening as fall time changes

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2017 19:16 - Written by LOUANNA CAMPBELL, lcampbell@tylerpaper.com  

With the time change coming up, the Tyler Police Department is reminding motorists to be extra cautious while driving especially when it is dark outside.

When Daylight Savings Time comes to an end at 2 a.m. Sunday, the time will be moved back one hour. 

This means there will be more daylight in the morning, but evening darkness will come earlier.

This will affect people’s morning and evening commutes and police are asking drivers to watch for pedestrians in the roadways, according tot he news release.

The police department will place traffic message boards throughout the city to remind drivers in high pedestrian traffic areas to slow down and remain vigilant. 

Areas that experience more pedestrian traffic include The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler Junior College, Texas College, all public and private schools and shopping areas. 

Pedestrians are encouraged to use a sidewalk when available and to walk against traffic when walking in the street, so they can see vehicles and drivers can see them.

Pedestrians and drivers should refrain from using cell phones. Pedestrians should wear clothing that can easily seen by drivers. 

Pedestrians also are required to cross the roadway at a controlled intersection if one is available.

Pedal-cyclists are required by law to travel in the same manner as motor vehicle traffic. Police recommend high visibility clothing and required legal lights on bicycles.

Tyler Police Department investigated 53 pedestrian and pedal-cyclist collisions with motor vehicles in 2016. Five people were killed as a result of being struck by a vehicle.  

This year 43 pedestrian collisions were investigated and three deaths were reported. 


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