Downtown Tyler Film Festival Sept. 27-30 to feature dozens of short films

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Twenty-seven short films covering genres ranging from comedy to horror will be shown at the Downtown Tyler Film Festival.

Billed as a celebration of storytelling, the festival will take place Sept. 27 to 30 at Liberty Hall on the Tyler square.

“Our film festival has grown into an international event, attracting films from Tyler, throughout Texas, across the U.S. and around the world,” Tara Holley Jones, festival director, said in a news release. “The entry process has become very competitive, and the quality of the entries is truly exceptional.”

Each night of the festival has a different emphasis:

-- Sept. 27 will feature entries from outside Texas, including some from filmmakers outside the United States;

-- Sept. 28 will primarily feature films by those under age 18;

-- Sept. 29 will feature films by Texans;

-- Sept. 30 will be the Best of the Fest with top selections receiving encore showings. Best of the Fest will include a pre-screening reception sponsored by Stella Artois, the awards presentation and a post-screening party at Gallery Main Street.

A question-and-answer session will take place each night and several of the filmmakers are set to attend, organizers said.

Doors will open at 6 each night. Tickets cost $5 to attend on Wednesday through Friday and $15 on Saturday. Tickets can be bought online at or at the box office just prior to the screenings.

Some of the films contain graphic language and content, and parental discretion is advised, organizers said.

The festival was founded in 2011 to encourage local filmmakers and introduce audiences to new filmmakers. A panel of judges select finalists and other judges determine which films receive awards.


the lineup


SEPT. 27

-- “A Father’s Day”

Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter among the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make the day special, even if they are already dead. Directed by Mat Johns, United Kingdom.

--. “A Long Way Home”

Olti has served a long prison sentence for killing a man based on the ancient code of revenge. In order to see his mother, he must either abandon his family or risk his life just to be with them. Directed by Ibër Deari, Macedonia.

--. “Big Joe’s Big Slice”

To reconnect with his ex-girlfriend, a man makes a surprise trip to New York City. When his unannounced visit elicits a tepid response, he’s left to deal with rebuked affection.

Directed by Jeff Huston, United States.

--. “Fireplace”

On Christmas Eve in Syria, a kid playing hide-and-seek with his dad hides in the fireplace as a jet fighter bombards their house, leaving him trapped and alone. Directed by Samah Safi Bayazid, United States.

--.”Mariachi Madness”

When Alex finds his girlfriend’s cat unresponsive, he turns to his father, whose efforts to rectify the situation lead to unexpected consequences. Nadia Zoe, United States.

--. “The Bouquet”

Strange things happen when a man late to a wedding, realizes he forgot the bride’s bouquet and as a replacement takes flowers marking a final resting place. Julien Segard and Romain Carciofo, France.

--. “The Collection”

Two friends stumble upon the holy grail of movie memorabilia in the most unlikely of places. Directed by Adam Roffman, United States.


SEPT. 28

--. “Mirror”

Young and in trouble, a woman stares at a mirror looking for answers not knowing that what she’s about to find can change her life. Directed by Sara Eustáquio, Portugal.

--. “Feedback”

A young metal band unintentionally awakens something. Directed by Evan Obrien, United States.

--. “Roulette”

A man struggles to differentiate reality and fantasy in the wake of his girlfriend cheating on him. Directed by Chris Greening, United States.

--. “The Setback”

A teenage boy in a post-apocalyptic era has to release a girl from the trunk of a car before the man who put her there comes back. Directed by Chris Greening, United States.

--. “Atlas World”

A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld. Directed by Morgana McKenzie, Canada.

--. “From Dogs to Wolves”

A young man struggling finds himself homeless on the streets of San Francisco. Directed by Azure Allen, United States.

--. “Birds”

After a traumatic accident, a woman refuses to talk but her visiting cousin finds a way to communicate with her. Directed by Maia Costea, Canada.

--. “Luke”

The documentary is about a boy with cerebral palsy who doesn’t accept his physical limitations and uses incredible determination to be like other 9-year-olds. Directed by Dylan Reiss, United States.

--. “His Story”

An innocent young girl witnesses her brother’s fall into addiction. Directed by Ryan Dean, United States.


SEPT. 29

--. “Lila Exposes All”

Lila’s days may be confined to an institution, but her mind is free to entertain or terrorize fellow patients. Directed by Kat Albert, Austin.

--. “The Ancient Mariner”

A homeless man uses books to escape into his creative imagination of a world unlike his own. Directed by Isaac M. Sigala, Fort Worth.

--. “Limbs”

A father and daughter struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives after suffering loss. Directed by Dawn Burgess, Tyler.

--. “Empyrean”

It is unclear whether the landscape a lone hunter finds himself in is a fiery cosmology of his own invention or if he is in a post-apocalyptic realm. Directed by Colette Copeland, Frisco.

--. “Counting Up”

The film portrays the ups and downs of life within the confines of an abandoned hotel. Directed by Grayson Lackey, Lindale.

--. “Fighter”

In this documentary, a young man must overcome a serious injury to get back in the ring and continue his dream to be a professional fighter. Directed by Kenny Rigsby, Texas.

--. “Battleground”

While celebrating their five-year anniversary, a woman and her boyfriend must face that her parents don’t approve of him because he’s a puppet. Directed by Xander McCabe, Denton.

--. “Qin Feng: Shi of Dallas”

The documentary chronicles the installation of Qin Feng’s giant shi sculptures in downtown Dallas. Directed by Travis Barnes, Dallas.

--. “The New Machine”

A convenience store employee’s position is threatened when the owner decides to change the old cash register with a new point-of-sale system. Directed by Sai Mohan, Austin.

--. “Change of Plans”

When an arrogant advertising executive finds himself locked in a room with a janitor, he finally sees himself as everyone else does. Travis Driver, Henderson.

--. “Bonk Bonk”

What happens when your new girlfriend turns out to be a psycho killer? Directed by Jeff Smith, Dallas.