Literacy Council of Tyler's Corporate Spelling Bee brings out the Superheroes

Published on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 18:33 - Written by ELSA CAVAZOS,

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An array of superheroes including Superman, Spiderman and the Avengers filled the tables of the Green Acres Crosswalk Conference Center for the Literacy Council of Tyler’s 26th annual Corporate Spelling Bee.

This year the council decided to go with a Spelling Super Bee theme, which gave participants the opportunity to get creative and very spirited in order to get the chance to win the Spirit Award and the Costume Award, in addition to the Spelling Award.

The spelling bee is the Literacy Council’s largest fundraiser of the year and is also an opportunity to have fun and promote reading as well.

“We try to make every year’s theme literary themed and superheroes are so in now that we decided to do comic book super heroes,” Kenny Sigler, the Literacy Council’s director of development, said. “Teams take the spelling bee very seriously and over the years they get more creative and aim to win all the awards. Spellers get a study guide a few months ahead to prepare as well.”

This year’s winners were: Tyler Junior College for spelling; Prothro, Wilhelmi & Co. for spirit; and Ingersoll Rand for costume, which was Avengers.

Prothro, Wilhelmi & Co. went for Superman and decided to go all out with matching shirts and capes for everyone at their tables.

Barbara Opstedal made the T-shirts, which said Super Spellers across the front, and had a red cape attached.

Walter Wilhelmi wore a superman costume and was carried by his coworkers to make a memorable entrance.

“Each year one of the partners is the leader of the team and this year it was my turn,” Wilhelmi said. “Some of the male staff came up with the idea of carrying me inside so it looked like I was flying. I was hoping they would not drop me.

“I love the literacy council and their mission and what it does for the community,” Wilhelmi said. “Being able to support it is great.”


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