TJC's Earth and Science Center hosts "Mad Science" event for the whole family

Published on Saturday, 18 March 2017 21:13 - Written by Schuyler Wick

Tyler Junior College Earth & Science Center hosted a Mad Science program that entertained children and their parents with hands-on activities and education about various methods of science Saturday evening.

The energized event featured stations set up in the center with Mad Scientist Jasierra Walker, also known as Dr. Boom, leading the show. Walker has been with the Dallas-based after-school learning program for two years. The program entertains the whole family by showing how sound waves, air pressure and chemical reactions work.

“We are a learning enrichment program to serve the kids,” Walker said. “Anything we can do for the community to get young kids involved and excited about science ... I love it because these are experiments you can do at home. This gets their minds not only focused and excited in school, but at home also.”

One of the stations featured the “elephant toothpaste reaction,” in which peroxide, water, yeast and dish soap were combined to make a toothpaste-like foam. Another, the “genie experiment,” used hydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxide to release heat, making a cloud of smoke appear.

Locals George and Gayle Bryant brought their grandson, Paxton, to the event.

“I thought the kids had a great time,” Mrs. Bryant said. “We came because Paxton loves science experiments while attending Grace Elementary.”

“I liked it when Dr. Boom did the elephant toothpaste, because I liked the feel of it,” Paxton added.

Another experiment that caught the children’s attention was the making of slime. Each child picked their favorite color and shook a cup to create a reaction, forming a sticky, gooey substance.

Tyler resident David Willliams brought his three children, 8-year-old Kinley and Kelsey and 7-year-old Karsyn to the event.

“My favorite part was when she let the genie out,” said Kelsey. “The blue-colored slime I made was also fun because it is my favorite color.”

“My favorite part was the slime because it is fun and you can play with it,” Karsyn said.

“We are members of the Science Center and we get emails about events here and the kids were ready for this one,” Williams said. “We will always be back.”