Rusk County: Resolution on immigration going to vote

Published on Saturday, 2 August 2014 23:17 - Written by Faith Harper

Rusk County Commissioners will vote on an illegal immigration resolution Tuesday.

A resolution will be presented and discussed at the Rusk County Commissioners Court meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the county courthouse, 115 Main St. in Henderson.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner Freddy Swann said, if approved, the resolution would not be legally binding. Instead, it would send a message to state and federal leaders on the issue, which includes undocumented children entering into the United States.

Smith County commissioners voted down two similar resolutions in late June.

“All a resolution does is extend a feeling of a group of people so that other people can see it…” Swann said. “If we pass a (the) resolution it’s not going to make a great, big difference other than it sends a message to other politicians in the state, and maybe through them it will get to the federal level.”

County officials said the resolution was not completed as of Friday afternoon, but expected it to be shortly.

“(It doesn’t matter if) it’s 15 or 20 pages, it’s not going to do more than one page, really if you get the point across,” Swann said.

The county commissioners are also expected to approve a proposed tax rate of 46.2784 cents per $100 property valuation.

Lanita Whitehead, tax collector assessor, said the rate is marginally lower than the previous year’s tax rate of 46.735 cents per $100 property valuation.

Ms. Whitehead said the average home value in the county is $88,140. The new rate will decrease the average homeowner’s yearly tax bill by about $4, from about $412 to roughly $408 annually.