Tyler: Breakdown of full-time city salaries

Published on Saturday, 5 July 2014 23:16 - Written by From Staff Reports

As governmental agencies begin creating their budgets for next fiscal year, salaries play a significant role. Full-time salaries, excluding benefits, make up about 28 percent of the city of Tyler originally adopted operating, capital and utilities debt service budget of about $135 million for fiscal year 2014. That total budget figure doesn’t include internal service funds and inter-fund transfers. The city plans to adopt its fiscal year 2015 budget on Sept. 24. The Tyler Morning Telegraph has received salary information provided by the city. These salaries do not include any benefits or allowances.

“As in any service industry, your people are your biggest asset. The city of Tyler maintains a very lean and highly skilled staff without a lot of layers, and with many positions pulling double duty for two or more equivalent positions you might find in other cities,” City Manager Mark McDaniel said in a statement.

“Accordingly, it is essential that we pay them a fair wage or salary so we can keep the best of the best employed long term. Our strong financial metrics of a AAA bond rating, lowest tax rate for any city our size and no general obligation debt can all be attributed to the talent we employ and retain. You will not find a better or more dedicated team anywhere.”

Here is a breakdown:


Key Leaders

Mark McDaniel, City Manager (FT) $205,000.

Deborah Pullum, City Attorney (FT) $123,600.05.

Jon Grundy, Internal Auditor (FT) $84,975.07.



Managing Directors

Susan Guthrie, Assistant City Manager and Communications Director, over Communications, City University, Neighborhood Services, Main Street, Liberty Hall, and liaison to the Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau and Veterans and Homeless Roundtable. Support for Economic Development. (FT) $144,199.95.

Gary Swindle, Police Chief/Managing Director of Public Safety and over Code Enforcement and Animal Control and liaison to 911 and Public Health (FT) $154,500.11.

Greg Morgan, Managing Director of Utilities and Public Works and GIS/Business Analytics(FT) $140,357.15.

ReNissa Wade, Human Resources Director/Managing Director of Administration over Risk, HR, Volunteer Services, Information Technology (FT) $113,516.42



Keidric Trimble, Chief Financial Officer and over courts and budget (FT) $115,360.13

Carter Delleney, City Engineer, over engineering, the airport, traffic, property and facilities and streets (FT) $109,898.88

Guillermo Garcia, Director of Innovation, over lean six sigma and Transit (FT) $83,794.88

Stephanie Rollings, Director of Parks and Recreation and Library and Tourism (FT) $96,820.05

Russ Jackson, Director of Solid Waste and Vehicle Services(FT) $87,399.82

Tim Johnson, Fire Chief and over emergency management (FT) $123,130.38

Heather Nick, Planning Director/Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director and over Development Services. (FT) $87,399.82



Access Associate (FT) $33,625.28

Access Associate (PT) $15,352.73- $21,632.62

Access Associate (temporary) $10,709.19

Access Librarian (FT) $41,714.82

Account Specialist (FT) $23,848.24

Account Specialist/(FT) $38,149.70-$40,081.60

Accountant (full-time) $40,423.76- $42,983.82

Accounting Manager (FT) $55,142.26

Accounting Technician (FT) $23,166.21-$32,589.44

Activities Specialist (FT) $25,803.23

Administrative Assistant (FT)) $25,803.23-$43,963.09

Administrative Secretary (FT) $26,562.22-$38,748.11

Advanced IT Specialist II (FT) $33,635.68-$39,094.22

Advanced IT Specialist III (FT) $55,693.66-$56,807.50

Advanced IT Specialist III SUP (FT) $58,478.37-$62,149.57

Airport Manager (FT) $95,926.48

Airport Technician I (FT) $19,040.94-$19,615.86

Airport Technician II (FT) $21,636.78

Airport Technician III (FT) $27,718.29-$27,906.32

Airport Technician IV (FT) $32,253.94

Arborist/Urban Forester (FT) $35,882.70

Assistant Fire Chief II (FT) $97,395.33

Assistant Fire Chief IV (9 years) $102,326.43

Associate Engineer (FT) $40,423.76

Associate Traffic Engineer (FT) $44,493.70

Assistant Fire Marshal II (3 years) (FT) $75,171.53

Assistant Police Chief I (FT) $101,540.19

Assistant Police Chief IV (9 years) (FT) $108,814.37

Billing Specialist (FT) $30,442.46

Bio-Solids Plant Operator (FT) $25,803.23

Bio-Solids Truck Driver (FT) $34,834.18

Building Inspector (FT) $30,442.46- $36,914.18

Building Maintenance Worker (FT) $24,941.90

Building Service Supervisor (FT) $49,388.35

Building Services Technician (FT) $22,043.01

Burglar Alarm Coordinator (FT) $36,839.09

Bus Driver (full-time) $22,275.14- $24,443.95

Bus Driver P/T (temporary) and Bus Driver PT-SUB (temporary) $22,275.14

Capital Budget Analyst (FT) $39,930.18

Cataloging Specialist (FT) $22,756.45-$23,591.15

Cemeterian (full-time) $29,268.

Chief Building Official (FT) $57,530,30

Chief Electrical Inspector (FT) $35,923.68

Chief Information Officer (FT) $117,272.06

Chief Treatment Plant Operator (FT) $43,270.06-$46,273.34

Circulation Supervisor (FT) $35,653.90

Circulation Technician (FT)$21,276.11-$21,701.68

Circulation Technician (PT) $8,402.62-$20,594.70

City Clerk (FT) $56,108.21

City Librarian (FT) $72,141.26

City Marshal (FT) $44,771.79

City Volunteer Coordinator (FT) $31,964.40

Clerk (FT) $21,212.46

Clerk (PT) $15,194.40

Code Enforcement Housing Inspector Supervisor (FT) $36,434.94

Code Enforcement Manager (FT) $51,768.50

Code Enforcement Officer I (FT) $30,442.46-$30,740.94

Code Services Officer (FT) $30,143.98-$31,660.10

Collection Associate (FT) $30,442.46

Commercial Sales (FT) $42,884.19

Commercial Superintendent (FT) $55,000

Commercial Equipment Operator (FT) $28,156.13-$39,073.42

Community Development Manager (FT) $52,530.19

Courier (PT) $9,520.47

Court Clerical Supervisor (FT) $34,971.66

Court Technician (FT) $34,819.62

Crew Leader (FT) $28,156.13- $45,701.14

Crime Analyst (FT) $31,683.81

Crimestoppers Coordinator (FT) $28,093.52

Custodian (FT) $19,421.79- $20,991.98

Custodian (temporary) $9,710.90

Custodian (PT) $9,044.45- $14,566.34

Customer Service Representative (FT) $23,166.21

Customer Service Specialist (FT) $26,562.22-$27,359.07

Customer Service Supervisor (FT) $40,820

Data Management Specialist I (FT) $19,802.43-$22,796.38

Data Management Specialist II (FT) $26,880.05

Data Management Supervisor (FT) $37,408.80

Deputy City Attorney (FT) $95,589.94

Deputy City Marshal I (FT) $31,934.66

Deputy City Marshal II (PT) $18,447.40

Deputy Court Administrator (FT) $41,734.78

Deputy Court Clerk (FT) $24,333.71-$25,215.01

Deputy Fire Marshall (9 years) (full-time) $66,881.65

Development Service Specialist (full-time) $44,793.01

Development Services Engineer (FT) $95,310.38

Driver Trainer (FT) $34,242

Emergency Management Assistant (FT) $28,408.22

Environmental Compliance Eng (FT) $74,160.11

Equipment Mechanic I (FT) $26,562.22-$26,827.84

Equipment Mechanic II (FT) $32,253.94

Equipment Operator I (FT) $23,166.21-$23,865.92

Equipment Operator II (FT) $28,156.13-$30,251.31

Executive Assistant (FT) $31,934.66

Field Supervisor (FT) $39,865.49

Fire Apparatus Technician (FT) $26,562.22

Fire Captain I (FT) $73,337.56- $73,337.68

Fire Captain II 3 years (FT) $75,171.53

Fire Captain III 6 years (FT) $77,039.58

Fire Captain IV 9 years (FT) $78,976.35

Fire District Chief I (FT) $84,965.75

Fire District Chief II (3 years) (FT) $87,090.93

Fire District Chief III (6 years) (FT) $89,267.07

Fire Marshal (FT) $87,090.93

Fire/Driver/Eng I (FT) $62,199.74

Fire/Driver/Eng II (3 years) (FT) $63,755.04

Fire/Driver/Eng III (6 years) (FT) $65,348.77

Fire/Driver/Eng IV (9 years) (FT) $66,881.65

Firefighter 1 (1 year) (FT) $51,122.78

Firefighter II (2 years) (FT) $51,628.60

Firefighter III (5 years) (FT) $53,145.75

Firefighter IV (7 years) (FT) $53,883.65

Firefighter Recruit-Suppress (FT) $44,856.74

Firefighter V (9 years) (FT) $54,620.97

Firefighter VI (11 years) (FT) $55,727.24

Firefighter VII (13 years) (FT) $56,834.09

Firefighter VIII (15 years) (FT) $57,970.35

Firefighter X (19 years) (FT) $59,959.83

Fleet Services Coordinator (FT) $63,287.54

Foreman I (FT) $31,291.94

Foreman II (FT) $33,224.88

Family Self-Sufficiency Homeownership Coordinator (FT) $33,631.52

Gallery Operations Support (FT) $19,802.43

GIS Addressing Technician (FT) $24,815.65

GIS Coordinator (FT) $76,083.49

GIS Developer (FT) $49,388.35

GIS Technician II (FT) $28,727.09

Grants Officer (FT) $31,934.66

Grounds Technician (FT) $28,156.13

Groundskeeper (FT) $22,275.14-$28,814.24

Hardscape Technician (FT) $28,156.13

Historic Preservation Officer (FT) $32,892.70

Housing Eligibility Supervisor (FT) $46,226.34

Housing Services Manager (FT) $58,941.58

Human Resources Generalist (FT) $39,076.54

Human Resources Manager (FT) $64,083.55

Identification Technician (FT) $31,968.98

Industrial Pretreatment Inspector (FT) $25,297.58

Industrial Pretreatment Technician (FT) $35,331.92

Instrument Technician (FT) $36,894.83

Internship-HS (temporary) $1,885

IT Specialist II (FT) $29,927.25-$32,136

IT Specialist IV (FT) $74,521.82

Juvenile Case Coordinator (FT) $25,550.30

Juvenile Program Coordinator (FT) $30,442.46

Laborer (FT) $19,231.26- $26,115.86

Lake Supervisor II (FT) $39,820.14

Legal Secretary (FT) $27,093.46

Legal/Risk/City Clerk Secretary (FT) $26,827.84

Liberty Hall Manager (FT) $47,613.07

Library Assistant (FT) $29,605.06

Library Assistant (PT) $15,208.57

Main Street Program Director (FT) $66,439.78

Manager Organizational Development (FT) $47,266.75

Marketing/Public Relations Specialist (FT) $30,740.94

Master Mechanic (FT) $35,523.90-$42,995.47

Mechanic Supervisor (FT) $43,340.75-$44,640.96

Meter Repairer (FT) $28,719.18-$29,580.72

Manager/Water Production and Quality (FT) $83,640.13

Municipal Court Administrator (FT) $74,347.10

Museum Curator (FT) $30,160.83

Neighborhood Services Manager (FT) $78,453.65

Outreach Technician (FT) $21,006.54

Outreach Technician (PT) $10,606.23

Parking Patrol (FT) $21,426.70-$22,987.74

Parks and Recreation Services Coordinator (FT) $35,179.04

Parks Manager (FT) $54,590.02

Parks Superintendent (FT) $41.612.62

Permit Technician (FT) $23,861.14-$27,379.46

Planner (FT) $35,307.58

Plans Examiner (FT) $41,610.19

Plant Mechanic I/Water (FT) $26,562.22

Plant Mechanic I/Wastewater (FT) $26,562.22-$27,359.07

Plant Mechanic II/Water (FT) $29,845.50

Plant Mechanic II/Wastewater (FT) $37,779.46

Plant Operator I (FT) $25,297.38-$31,311.70

Plant Operator II (FT) $28,156.13-$34,111.38

Plant Operator II-Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (FT) $28,156.13

Plant Operator III (FT) $35,179.04-$42,827.41

Playground Coordinator (temporary) $3,120

Police Lieutenant II (3 years) (FT) $84,505.62

Police Lieutenant IV (9 years) (FT) $88,784.18

Police Lieutenant I (FT) $82,444.96

Police Officer I (1 to 2 years) (FT) $50,447.49

Police Officer II (2 years) (FT) $51,619.98

Police Officer III (5 to 6 years) (FT) $55,205.07

Police Officer IV (7 to 8 years) (FT) $57,574.61

Police Officer V (9 to 10 years) (FT) $59,382.13

Police Officer VI (11 to 12 years) (FT) $61,190.48

Police Officer VII (13 to 14 years) (FT) $62,667.28

Police Officer VIII (15 to 16 years) (FT) $64,319.63

Police Officer IX (17 to 18 years) (FT) $65,793.73

Police Officer X (19 years plus) (FT) $67,268.45

Police Recruit (FT) $45,573.42

Police Sergeant I (FT) $73,433.57

Police Sergeant II (3 years) (FT) $75,041.20

Police Sergeant III (6 years) (FT) $76,513.63

Police Sergeant IV (9 years) (FT) $77,658.26

Police Services Coordinator (FT) $34,444.38

Police Technology Specialist (FT) $30,740.94

Project Engineer (FT) $66,220.96-$81,168.67

Project Specialist (PT) $12,901.62

Property and Evidence Specialist (FT) $21,418.38-$22,943.23

Public Safety Communications Supervisor (FT) $36,944.96-$37,383.63

Public Safety Telecommunicator I (FT) $31,660.10

Public Safety Telecommunicator II (FT) $29,845.50-$33,625.28

PST Administrator (FT) $46,273.34

Public Service Officer (FT) $24,820.43-$33,941.44

Purchasing Agent (FT) $29,000.82-$29,367.10

Purchasing Manager (FT) $47,949.82

Purchasing Technician (FT) $21,632.62

Receptionist/Greeter (FT) $22,943.44

Recreation Center Supervisor (FT) $34,411.31

Recreation Program Supervisor (FT) $33,635.68

Recreation Specialist (FT) $28,148.64-$28,427.36

Rehab Project Specialist (FT) $35,540.75

Residential Crew Leader (FT) $28,472.91-$31,079.36

Residential Equipment Operator (FT) $25,316.93-$35,159.28

Residential Superintendent (FT) $56,650.05

Resource Librarian (FT) $45,091.90

Risk Analyst (PT) $29,307.41

School Crossing Guard (temporary) $0-$5,157

Semi-Skilled Laborer (FT) $21,418.38-$23,667.90

Senior Accounting Technician (FT) $39,253.34

Senior Assistant City Attorney (FT) $84,839.87

Senior Bus Driver (FT) $24,092.85-$28,110.37

Senior Clerk (FT) $24,815.65

Senior Deputy Court Clerk (FT) $27,174.78-$27,359.07

Senior GIS Analyst (FT) $43,594.30

Senior Planner (FT) $46,273.34

Senior PS Telecommunicator II (FT) $32,066.32-$41,171.31

Senior Secretary (FT) $23,166.21 $23,861.14

Senior Utilities Specialist (FT) $23,166.21-$30,700.18

Special Events/Recreation Manager (full-time) $44,061.89

Special Projects Coordinator (FT) $38,810.51

Senior Public Relations Specialist (FT) $44,493.70

Senior Utility Maintenance Repairer (FT) $45,648.51

Street Operations Manager (FT) $59,357.58

Support Services Tech I (FT) $30,882.38

Traffic Engineer (FT) $89,406.45

Traffic Marker (FT) $23,861.14

Traffic Marker II (FT) $27,179.98

Traffic Services Supervisor (FT) $35,660.77

Traffic Sign Supervisor (FT) $36,279.15

Traffic Signal Technician (FT) $26,562.22-$30,508.61

Transit Supervisor (FT) $34,834.18-$38,655.55

Transportation Operations Coordinator (FT) $48,908.91

Truck Driver (FT) $24,092.85-$25,311.94

Utilities Maintenance Repairer/Water (FT) $28,437.76-$31,149.46

Utilities Construction Inspector (FT) $35,275.14-$35,791.18

Utilities Engineer (FT) $77,832.98

Utilities Lab Analyst (FT) $30,767.15-$39,411.01

Utilities Operation Manager (FT) $69,035.82

Utility Account Servicer (FT) $27,827.07-$36,021.44

Utility Locator (FT) $35,998.77

Visitor Facilities Supervisor (FT) $37,038.56

Visitor Facilities/Administrative Manager (FT) $52,522.91

Wastewater Treatments Superintendent (FT) $57,202.08

Water Business Office Team Leader (FT) $31,934.66-$42,019.33

Water System Maintenance Superintendent (FT) $53,264.02

Water Systems Superintendent (FT) $50,869.94

Water Utilities Financial Manager (FT) $68,958.45

Water Utility Office Supervisor (FT) $69,318.08

Westside Plant Operator II (FT) $30,740.94-$36,717.41

Youth Services Librarian (FT) $40,423.76

* FT is full time and PT is part time