Fit City Success: New baby prompts man's weight loss

Published on Saturday, 3 May 2014 20:03 - Written by Dnaa Hughey

Surfing and lying on the beach was the closest thing to exercise an East Texas native got when he was living in California a year and a half ago.

Now he's back home and 100 pounds lighter and leaner.

How'd he do it?

Well, sometimes we can find inspiration in the tiniest things. That was the case for Chris Miller. When Miller found out he was going to be a dad, he decided he was going to do whatever it took to get healthy and fit. At 340 pounds, Miller didn't have the desire to go to the gym and exercise.

"It was hard,” Miller said. “Walking to and from the beach was hard, everything was harder at that point in my life.”

And his food choices were fast, and fattening.

"Two breakfast sandwiches from any fast food place, and I would eat a giant lunch and an even bigger dinner," he said.

But everything changed, when his little guy, Huck, came into the picture.

"My whole goal was I was becoming a father and I knew I wanted to be an active dad,” Miller said.

After working out alone, and hitting a wall, Miller hooked up with Cune Pena at Premier CrossFit.

“For me it just took it to a whole different level,” Miller said. “It was just working out in a way I never thought before. I would just go to the gym and do some barbell curls, bench presses and get on elliptical for 45 minutes.

“Coming here you are lifting your own body weight, different things I would have never thought to do on my own."

The CrossFit workouts are challenging, but Pena modifies them to what Miller needs and can safely handle.

“The things I am doing now, I never did in the beginning," Miller said.

Even though the kettle bells, rowing, jumping or whatever the workout of the day may be, are tough, Miller believes the results are worth it.

“Oh, I would go home and pretty much cry myself to sleep from the pains and aches in my body, but once you got past that, you craved coming here, you wanted to come and exercise. It made me feel better and gave me more energy throughout the day and something to look forward to," he said.

Miller’s sweat hours are paying off. He's gone from a size 44 in pants to a 34/36, and he's down from a 4X shirt to a large or extra large. CrossFit helped him accomplish his goal of being an active dad.

“I absolutely feel like it has made me a better dad,” Miller said. “Just getting him out, pushing him along the trail, swinging with him. … Just having a fun time. For me, that is why I started doing this.”

Better eating habits also helped Miller drop the 100 pounds, replacing fast food breakfasts for egg whites and celery. Pena also helps Miller stay on the right fitness path, even after their workouts are done, with encouraging texts. It's been a life-changing partnership.