Another pedestrian hit in Longview

Published on Thursday, 27 March 2014 09:39 - Written by From KYTX CBS19

Over the last 10 days four pedestrians crossing streets have been hit by cars in Longview.

The most recent accident occurred on Monday night in the1700 block of Mobberly Avenue at Butler Drive when 50-year-old Janice Thompson was struck by a 2005 white GMC Sierra truck.

Officer Kristie Brian said Thompson received minor injuries.

In three of the accidents, the pedestrian was not using a crosswalk, police said.

"Especially at night, be mindful of people who might be walking out into the roadway," Brian said. "Unfortunately, a lot of the incidents that we have is the person, the pedestrian just walks out into the roadway in front of a car. Slow down at night just to give yourself just a little bit of extra room in case someone were to step out in front of you."