VIDEO: Time to watch for birds

Published on Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:08 - Written by

Leaves are budding and flowers are blooming, and as springtime rolls into East Texas it brings beautiful migratory birds visiting for the season.

Peter Barnes, with the Tyler Audubon Society, says “We have a lot of breeding birds that are really nice to see. They stay for the spring and leave in the fall. Some of those are very colorful and yellow, and a lot of them are at Camp Tyler or Tyler State Park.”

He said a few beautiful varieties that make the area their nesting ground are barn swallows, orchard orioles, tanagers and painted buntings. Varieties of Hummingbirds will be passing through, as well as several species of warblers, which are a small but colorful breed of birds. Purple martins are also starting to trickle into the area and will be more visible as summer progresses.

Corey Mason, Region 3 director for Texas Parks and Wildlife, said male birds are the most vibrant, and their colors will be brighter while they look for a mate, saying “The males are very showy for females — they are attracting a mate. Males are more bright, while the female is duller. She’s the one that doesn’t want to be bright and draw attention to the nest.”

Today’s featured Focus In On Dot Me photo gallery was taken yesterday by Joey Corbett at the Whitehouse versus White Oak JV High School baseball game. See all those photos and many more by visiting Tylerpaper Dot Com and clicking on the Photos link.

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