'The Voice' - East Texan advances in TV singing competition

Published on Saturday, 8 March 2014 22:42 - Written by Stewart Smith ssmith@tylerpaper.com

One of Tyler’s own is getting his shot at music stardom, something his mother always knew would happen. 

Stevie Jo Rosenbalm was picked to be a part of Team Usher last week on NBC’s “The Voice” following a crooning performance of “There Goes My Baby,” pushing him deeper into the competition. It’s an exciting development for any aspiring musician, but it’s one that his mother, Shannon Rosenbalm (whose ecstatic reaction to Usher’s choice can be seen in the highlight video), always knew would happen. 

“I did. I told him to go for it. I told him he would go all the way,” Mrs. Rosenbalm said. “From the get-go we’ve been supportive and I knew he could do it.”

She said her son has always had an affinity and love for music and singing. But it wasn’t until he got back into performing live theatre in high school and switching from singing in garage bands to R&B vocals that Mrs. Rosenbalm said she realized her son had the talent to make it big. 

“He’s always loved music. He started playing drums when he was about five or six,” she said. “Then he moved to guitar when he was 10 and he would sing in garage bands. But we figured he could sing because he could play the drums and sing at the same time and most people were just blown away by his voice.”

Mrs. Rosenbalm is out campaigning for Stevie, hoping to drum up support from around the community to help him gain momentum in the competition, but she’s always been confident that the producers will continue to be impressed with him. 

“Stevie Jo is the full package. He’s a very talented song writer. He’s been writing songs forever and can write songs about anything at the drop of a hat. He’s funny,” she said. “The producers fall in love with him because of his personality. He just really stands out. He loves everybody, he’s never had an enemy. He’s just a great kid.”

Look for a full interview with Stevie Jo Rosenbalm in the Monday edition of the Tyler Morning Telegraph.