VIDEO: Police: Girl jumps from car as dad drives after smoking synthetic marijuana

Published on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 10:15 - Written by

(MCT) -- A Longview man has been charged with endangering a child after police say he drove with his daughter in the car after smoking synthetic marijuana and frightened the girl to the point she jumped from the moving vehicle.

At about 8 p.m. Sunday, police received a call regarding an injured girl crawling across the roadway in the 400 block of South High Street, according to police reports filed in the Gregg County District Clerk’s Office.

According to the report, police found the 11-year-old girl near the side of a building in the area with abrasions to her face, arms, chest, legs, side, wrist and shoulders.

“She was flown to a Dallas hospital with life-threatening injuries,” Longview police spokeswoman Kristie Brian said Tuesday.

The girl told police she was trying to get away from her father, later identified as 35-year-old Tazille Madison III, who was “driving crazy” after he took “something that made him crazy,” according to the report.

She said Madison was driving fast and swerving into oncoming traffic like he was intentionally was trying to hit other vehicles and that she felt like he was trying to kill himself and her.

Another officer was dispatched to an wreck in the 1100 block of Camellia Lane, according to the report, where he found a tan Chevrolet Tahoe had struck a building. The officer found Madison “partially on the center console and partially in the driver’s seat,” the report said.

Madison got out of the SUV telling the officer over and over “they’re going to kill me,” and complaining about the damage to his vehicle and his insurance, according to the report.

Later, Madison told police he had taken a “couple of hits of K-2” before taking his daughter to the store. He said he couldn’t remember what happened when he turned onto High Street except that “things just went crazy” and that “it was like a dream and his daughter went out the car,” according to the report.

He also said he didn’t know his daughter had really jumped out of the car until police told him.

Madison was booked into the Gregg County Jail on charges of abandon endanger a child imminent danger with bodily injury, driving without a license and no motor vehicle insurance, according to jail records.

Madison was released Sunday on $10,000 bond, jail records show.