Area wildlife not playing possum

Published on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:43 - Written by KYTX CBS 19

 The recent unseasonably warm temperatures have made possums and raccoons more active than usual. Animal Control workers in Tyler said they’ve been catching up to six per day.

“As long as they’re healthy, we’re going to release them right back into the wild and let them have a good, normal life,” said Bob Gardner with Animal Control

 He said Texas Parks and Wildlife has designated rural areas for animals like this to be released.

“We set traps all the time, except when it’s really, really cold or when it’s really, really hot.” said Mary Fowler, senior field training officer for Animal Control.

Often these animals are just looking for food.

Gardner said to never try to handle wildlife to make pets out of them because not only is it dangerous, it’s also illegal.