Smith County warrant roundup begins March 1; Friday is last chance to pay fines

Published on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 11:25 - Written by

Anyone with outstanding Smith County court costs and fines has until Friday, February 28 to arrange for payment. Smith County is combining forces with 320 other jurisdictions across Texas to participate in the largest joint warrant round up of this type in the state. On March 1, officers will begin visiting homes, neighborhoods and places of work to arrest anyone who has not settled their debt with the county.

More than 1,300 bright yellow notices were mailed out this week to individuals with active warrants for delinquent fees in Smith County. To avoid arrest for an outstanding warrant, it is important to call or visit the Smith County Collections Department before March 1. Individuals who come to the Collections Department prepared to pay their debt in full, before March 1, will not be arrested.

“Save yourself the expense and embarrassment of being picked up during the warrant roundup. Call the Smith County Collections Department and make arrangements to pay your outstanding fees today,” Sheryl Keel, Smith County Judicial Compliance Supervisor, said.

The Smith County Courts have hundreds of active warrants they are seeking to clear. County officials are encouraging defendants to take advantage of the options available to settle outstanding warrants immediately. No amnesty is being offered in conjunction with the roundup effort.