East Texas couples tell tales of how their proposals went down

Published on Thursday, 13 February 2014 22:07 - Written by Faith Harper fharper@tylerpaper.com

Brianna Hilton did not say “yes” to Kory Prince’s marriage proposal as the couple plummeted down the steepest drop of the Texas Giant — she screamed it instead.

“I didn’t even say yes because it was at the drop,” the 22-year-old Bullard resident said. “I looked at him, and I was crying and screaming because I was so scared, and I didn’t say, ‘yes’ until I got to the bottom.”

The couple was one of several that spoke to the Tyler Morning Telegraph about their non-traditional marriage proposals.

The pair visited the theme park’s holiday event on Nov. 30. The pair had free tickets, and Ms. Hilton wanted to grab a funnel cake, but along the way, she was sweet talked into riding the Giant. They waited in line for an hour before finally getting on the ride.

Three years ago, Prince asked Ms. Hilton to be his girlfriend on the same rollercoaster, and the theme park holds significance.

“He tried to ask me (to be his girlfriend) on the Texas Giant, but I was so scared to, he didn’t get a chance to,” she said.

Three years ago, she said yes while riding home from the park, and in November, Prince got down on one knee in the parking lot to present her with a ring.

The couple met at Bullard High School and attends the same church.

“He makes me laugh, and I can be myself around him,”

Ms. Hilton said. “He has a strong relationship with God, and we are the youth pastors at our church together. Our lives revolve around church, which is pretty awesome for us.”

The couple will wed in May.

 The proposal story of Jessica Loggins, 25, and Daniel McKenzie, 24, could have been pulled out of a Nicholas Sparks book — the author famous for making people cry in heartfelt stories such as “The Notebook.”

The couple was on vacation on Honeymoon Island in Florida on July 4.

Ms. Loggins said it was a coincidence they were on the island.

“We were looking for somewhere we would be able to see the fireworks and bring our puppies, and that particular beach did allow dogs,” she said.

Rain was coming and the beach was closing soon, but Ms. Loggins walked along the water collecting seashells as mementos of the vacation.

“I turned around, and he was down on one knee …” she said. “It was perfect.”

As Ms. Loggins’ beau presented her with a ring, fireworks went off in the background.

A short time later, the sky started pouring rain.

“We took off running as fast as we could toward our car, which was a good long way, and we were soaked by the time we got (there),” she said.

The couple dated for four years, and plans to tie the knot in September.

They initially met at church, but reconnected later at Tyler Junior College. Ms. Loggins said McKenzie chased her across campus just to ask her on their first date.

“He’s really sweet, and has a good sense of humor,” Ms. Loggins said. “He’s one of the few people that I know is smarter than I am, and he is supportive of my goals.”

 Buck Webster, 33, asked his longtime girlfriend Amber Heasley, 29, to marry him on one of the most beloved stars in Texas — the blue star in the center of Cowboys’ Stadium.

“We are both huge sports fans, and we have been Cowboys fans for as long as we both can remember,” Ms. Heasley said.

The pair toured the stadium on a guided tour on Father’s Day 2012 with their then- one-year-old baby girl Scarlett, Ms. Heasley said. At the end of the tour, everyone gets a chance to take a snapshot on the infamous star, and Webster took the opportunity to surprise his future bride. Ms. Heasley cried as she looked down at her two loves — her daughter and husband to be.

The pair met through a mutual friend. Ms. Heasly said she was initially attracted to his blue eyes, but it was her heart that she fell in love with.

“(He is) understanding, not pushy and level-minded,” she said. “He is really smart, but not conceited. Most importantly, he was willing to let me be me, and he didn’t try to make me into someone. … He took me for who I was and accepted it.”

The couple will get married on their seven year anniversary in April.