Ogle addresses 20-year-old misdemeanor

Published on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 23:30 - Written by Adam Russell arussell@tylerpaper.com

Texas House District 6 challenger John “Skip” Ogle addressed a 20-year-old arrest for evading Dallas bicycle police officers that ended with one year adjudicated probation.

“It’s always been a funny story to tell because I had a sports car and two bicycle officers caught up to me,” Ogle said.

The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor following a plea agreement and dismissed upon completion of probation.

On Feb. 11, 1995, Ogle, who was then 28, was traveling at a high rate of speed on Ross Avenue and was signaled by bicycle officers, by “hand and his flash light for the vehicle to stop and pull to the side of the road.”

According to the police report, Ogle’s vehicle slowed to a gradual stop at an intersection where he turned right and “accelerated at a high rate of speed evading officers.”

In the report, officers said they attempted to detain Ogle for speeding but he “took evasive action in order to elude the officers by intentionally fleeing.” The report said Ogle “looked at officers as they signaled for him to pull over” and then “sped up and fled.”

Ogle said he was in a hurry for a dinner date and never saw the officers or their signal to stop. He said he and the passenger had exited the vehicle and were entering the restaurant when the bicycle officers arrived.

Ogle was taken into custody for evading detention. The passenger in the vehicle was taken into custody for public intoxication.

No other charges were filed against Ogle or the passenger.

The report is being circulated by a former Miami-Dade County police officer, Bruce Williams, of Tyler, via email as an “open letter to the voters of Texas State House District 6.” Williams obtained the report by open records request.

Dallas Police confirmed the report.

Ogle is facing incumbent Rep. Matt Schaefer, R-Tyler, in the March Republican Primary.