Gang suspected of trying to sell stolen puppies to Pawn Shop

Published on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 10:14 - Written by BY KENNETH DEAN,

CANTON - How much is that puppy in the photo? 

Authorities in Van Zandt County are working multiple residential burglaries they believe is tied to a gang of nine people, in one of the latest burglaries the thieves stole more than $40,000 of property including seven English mastiff puppies. 

Constable C.B. Wiley said one of the suspects has since tried to sell one of the puppies at a local pawn shop by showing an interested party a photo of the pooch. 

"These burglaries are really eating us up, the constable of 52 years, said this morning.

Wiley said the three male and four female puppies are fawn and brindle in color and were still nursing when stolen last week in a burglary in the eastern part of the county. 

"The puppies had already been sold for $150 each and they were just waiting to be weaned," he said.

But puppies were not the only items stolen as the thieves made off with a Cannon century gun safe with 13 firearms including, a Bushmaster AR 15 and various handguns, shotguns and rifles. 

Wiley said the gang also made off with a 52 inch TV, another smaller TV, video games and jewelry.

One item item of jewelry was a 2009 Canton High School ring with the name Justin Douhit inside the ring. 

"The thieves kicked in the front door and it would have taken at least three people since the safe weighed about a 1,000 pounds. We do have a suspect vehicle, but we are not releasing that information at this time," he said.

Anyone with information about the burglary or have seen the puppies is asked to call the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office at 903-567-4133.