Tyler daycare under investigation

Published on Monday, 6 January 2014 21:17 - Written by KENNETH DEAN kdean@tylerpaper.com

A Tyler woman says her 4-year-old daughter was assaulted by another student during nap time at a Tyler daycare center. 

The YMCA Learning Center told the woman on Dec. 18 that when they returned to the room they found a male student on top of her child.

The woman, who is not being identified to protect the child’s identity, said she has talked to Tyler police, Child Protective Services and Child Care Licensing about the matter. 

“I dropped off my child with the expectations that she would be safe, not be assaulted because the teachers left the children unattended,” she said. 

The woman said her daughter has told her she was assaulted, and the child has been examined by medical staff and has been interviewed.

Shari Pulliam, Child Protective Services, said CPS and CCL are investigating the assault case and the children being left unattended.

“Until CCL completes their investigation, that’s all we will release. (The) investigation is ongoing at this time,” she said. 

But records with the CCL show the center was cited in June for a caregiver leaving children unattended during nap time.

The daycare’s CEO Stuart Gilpin said the safety and well-being of its children are their top priority.

“Last month, the staff reported questionable behavior between two children in our daycare program,” Gilpin said. “Because of the age of the children involved, we are unable to elaborate. However, we can say that per our protocols, we immediately reported the incident to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and are fully supporting its investigation and review of the situation.”

The child’s mother said she pulled her daughter out of daycare in December. The child now is being watched by her grandmother.

“I don’t think I will ever trust a daycare again. This is just scary that this happened to my little girl. It makes you wonder how often this happens,” she said.