Tyler Paper closes Christmas Day; no edition printed

Published on Monday, 23 December 2013 23:28 - Written by

The Tyler Paper does not publish an edition on Christmas Day, which this year falls on a Wednesday.

“The newspaper publishes a daily edition 364 days a year, with the exception of Christmas,” said Dave Berry, editor. “That has been our history over the past 100-plus years, allowing our employees a day off to celebrate Christmas with their families.”

The newspaper offices will be closed from noon on Tuesday until the afternoon of Christmas Day, when a limited news staff will begin preparing Thursday’s Tyler Morning Telegraph.

The news staff is on call through the holiday to cover breaking news, and significant events will be posted on the newspaper s website, TylerPaper.com, with mobile alerts posted on Facebook and Twitter.

News features that normally appear in the Wednesday newspaper, as well as advertising inserts and expanded classified sections, will instead be included in today’s Tyler Morning Telegraph. The Christmas Eve edition is traditionally one of the larger newspapers of the year, with numerous ads and inserts for post-Christmas sales.

In today’s newspaper, readers will find:

* Wednesday’s Flavor section.

* Today’s and Wednesday’s comics.

* Variety features for Tuesday and Wednesday, including horoscopes for both days.

Subscribers who do not receive a newspaper today should call 903-597-1121 between 6:30 and 11 a.m.