Ex-ETexan’s custody battle faces new block

Published on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 22:23 - Written by Staff, KYTX CBS19 Reports

A former East Texas man now of Canton, Ohio, faces more obstacles in trying to reunite with his daughters.

On Oct. 8, Chesapeake Energy eliminated 1,200 workers nationwide, including Roy­ce Sigler, a Longview native. His family is surviving on his severance pay and his wife’s creative arts business until he finds another job. But his push to reunite with 9-year-old Tanya and 7-year-old Ksenya, taken after a 2008 court battle that awarded Royce custody, is on hold.

“The cost of the court was starting to get beyond what we could afford, and we still were not assured of any benefits from it,” Sigler said.

The girls were taken by their mother in 2008, but she died May 18 in Sochi, Russia. Sigler went there in July, but despite help from Russian police and social workers, the grandmother took the girls into hiding, Sigler said.