Probe begins into why twin baby boys have broken ribs

Published on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 19:26 - Written by By Kenneth Dean

Local and state officials Wednesday were investigating why 3-month-old twin Tyler boys have each suffered broken ribs and needed hospitalization.

Tyler police spokesman Don Martin said his agency became involved in the case Tuesday when they were called by a Child Protective Service caseworker about a possible abuse case.

“We are carrying it as an injury to a child case, but we are very early in the investigation,” he said.

Martin said a field report on the incident states the parents of the children took them to a local doctor, who sent the boys to Children’s Hospital in Dallas for treatment.

Doctors at Children’s called CPS authorities because of the fractures.

Shari Pulliam, CPS spokeswoman, said the case is in its early stages, but added the two boys, who have since been released, and a 1-year-old sibling are being placed with other family members, and the mother is allowed supervised visitation.

“We are having the 1-year-old checked out at this time to see if there are any past injuries. There is no prior history with our agency with this family, but for the safety of the children we have placed them in alternative homes. Of course the twins are still hospitalized at this time,” she said.

Ms. Pulliam said she could not remember a case where two infant twins were suffering from fractured ribs.

“Like I said, we are early in this investigation and have not even been able to see the children at this time,” she said. “We are awaiting medical testimony. I’ve never seen a case where twins have suffered the exact same injury, so we want to make sure this is not some type of medical problem such as brittle bone disease.”