East Texas State Fair: High divers, AgriWorld and sand castles not to be missed

Published on Saturday, 21 September 2013 22:13 - Written by By Will Knous Special Contributor

There are a multitude of reasons people come to the East Texas State Fair — and that’s because there really is something for every member of the family. However, there is one thing everyone can agree to spend some time on: the attractions. This year’s fair is taking those attractions that we all love, and bringing them to a whole new level of fun and excitement. The sheer number of shows and entertainment options are enough to make you stop and wonder — but you can’t do that, because then you might miss one of them.

There is the AgriWorld exhibit, The Great American Frontier Show, the enormous Sand Sculptures by Sandscapes, The Sinbad High Dive Show, the unicyclist/acrobat/juggler Wade Henry, the Wolves of the World Show and the Carnival and Midway. That’s not to even mention the food, music, shopping, livestock and contests you can find across the East Texas State Fair grounds.

In 2013, there are just too many amazing options to tell you about them at once, so we’ll have to focus on just a few for the moment. The AgriWorld exhibit is truly one-of-a-kind education, and one parents love (because their kids might not even realize they’re learning).

AgriWorld offers a unique educational opportunity to help students relate the foods, fibers, and other products they use each day to the industry that produces them. And this year, AgriWorld features a new imaginative play area, ImAGination Station, designed primarily for young children to experience the wonders of farm life.

Speaking of uses for the soil that too many of us don’t know much about, the Sandscapes crew are out of this world. One look at their giant dioramas and you will immediately think back to the sand castles you built on the playground — and then feel like an amazed child again. Animals, buildings and more make up these monstrous and astounding pieces of art.

The Sinbad High Dive show has to be seen to be believed. There is a plot involved: Sinbad’s search with his band of gold-seekers for a fabled Golden Pineapple. There are bits of slapstick comedy thrown in as well, but the true star of the show is the dives. Things start out with the standard 3-meter board and 5-meter platform. However, it’s not long before the divers are splashing down into their tank from 10 meters, and eventually the showstopping 80-foot dive for the Golden Pineapple itself. There’s something awe-inspiring about watching these athletes fall from the sky into a tank that seems way too small.

And that’s just a few a of the incredible things to see at the East Texas State Fair this year. But you should not take our word for it. The only way you’ll really be able to understand is to see it for yourself. Luckily, most of the shows run all day long.