ESD board members entering budget talks

Published on Saturday, 24 August 2013 22:58 - Written by By Adam Russell

Budget discussions by the Emergency Services District No. 2 board will begin during its 7 p.m. Monday meeting at the district headquarters, 14128 Texas Highway 110 South in Whitehouse.

The meeting would be the first time board members discuss the district’s budget, which was $4.4 million based on the .0846 cent property tax rate per $100 valuation in 2012.

District board President Randy Melton said the board would begin working in earnest on the budget. He said interim district director Terry Rozell has been working with chiefs representing the 11 rural fire departments, including Arp, Bullard, Chapel Hill, Dixie, Flint-Gresham, Jackson Heights, Noonday, Red Springs, Troup, Whitehouse and Winona.

“We’re asking the chiefs to take a realistic approach to the budget and having them look at their expenses and what is needed to do their jobs,” Rozell said.

Rozell said he has been asking chiefs for input but directing them to request essentials only. He said he has also informed chiefs that tax revenues would likely be divided based on emergency activity rather than equally among the departments.

Melton said he does not expect a property tax rate increase.