VIDEO: West first responders toxicology results, texting and driving, and pig slides

Published on Friday, 9 August 2013 14:46 - Written by

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Autopsy results for three heroic firefighters who were killed in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion are raising some tough questions. The mayor says the results indicate the three should not have responded to the fire. Yesterday's autopsy report shows heroic brothers Douglas and Robert Snokhous of West had blood alcohol levels well above the legal limit. Another firefighter from Abbott, Gary Chapman, had marijuana in his system. The mayor says all three, by law, should not have responded. He added, "I truly think they are all still heroes. This doesn't diminish my opinion of them in the least."

After a series of 30-second commercials for AT&T's It Can Wait campaign, film legend Werner Herzog has released a 35-minute documentary that delves into the impact of texting while driving. Titled "From One Second to the Next," the video weaves together the stories of four people impacted by distraction at the wheel, according to The documentary, which was announced two months ago, debuted on YouTube this week. The documentary examines the lives of victims of texting and driving accidents and their destroyed dreams. You can find the video by doing a search for "From One Second To The Next" on YouTube.

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A farmer in the Netherlands has built a mudslide for his pigs. He says he got the idea after going to a water park!