VIDEO: Archaeologists may have found port, barracks near pyramids

Published on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 15:03 - Written by

LiveScience is reporting that archaeologists have made a surprising discovery near the Giza Pyramids. As it turns out they’ve found what appear to be a port and barracks for sailors or military troops. They say these dwellings were in use during the time the pyramids were being built nearly 4,500 years ago.

Several discoveries have led Mark Lehner, the director of Ancient Egypt Research Associates, to believe it was once a thriving port. The discovery of a basin just 1 kilometer from the nearest Nile River channel, remains of trees that grew in the eastern Mediterranean, and large amounts of granite from Egypt’s southern border town, Aswan, all help to further cement this theory.

The archaeologists also found a series of long buildings known as “galleries” that are believed to house troops. The galleries were 23 feet high and 113 feet long. Large enough to house roughly 40 people comfortably. They once believed these galleries to be the dwellings of the workers, but have since come to the belief that the workers actually lived on the pyramids as they rose. While there is no firm evidence of this, Lehner says they found “old cattle bone, strips of cloth, rope and string of all gauges, fragments of wood…and other material of the workers."