VIDEO: 'Leaky' apps may give NSA access to smartphones, report says

Published on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 15:06 - Written by

Smartphone users, beware! The Guardian is reporting that the National Security Agency, and its United Kingdom counterpart, the GCHQ, could have direct access to your smartphone through “Leaky” apps like Rovio’s hit game “Angry Birds,” and Google’s Map service.

Dozens of classified documents given to The Guardian state that the program’s data-gathering targets a range of impersonal information such as your phone model, screen size, and battery life, to much more personal details such as your age, gender, location, web browsing history, and even access to your social media accounts. Angry Birds developer “Rovio” has since denied the allegations that the company complies with the NSA’s data collection program, suggesting the NSA may be accessing people’s phones through the third-party advertising services used by apps like Angry Birds.