VIDEO: East Texas Muslims say ISIS terrorists should not be considered Muslims

Published on Thursday, 4 September 2014 11:17 - Written by

TYLER (KYTX)-Here in East Texas, the Muslim community has its own message about ISIS. Members want people to know their religion is about peace and not the taking of innocent lives.

Members of the East Texas Islamic Society say their religion preaches peace and love and that is not what ISIS is doing. They say members of ISIS aren't extremist Muslims, they are not Muslims at all.

East Texas Islamic Society vice president Anwar Khalifa says the beheading of innocent Americans by ISIS directly contradicts the teachings of the Muslim religion.

"In Islam, in the Quran it says he who kills an innocent life is as though he's killed all of mankind and he who saves innocent life is as though they've saved all of mankind. It doesn't say Muslim, Christian, Jewish, any faith or no faith. Innocent life is innocent life," Khalifa said.

Khalifa says he does not even consider ISIS members Muslims.

"I consider someone a Muslim who follows the Quran and traditions of prophet Muhammad and those who don't follow that and go against it and go against it in such a terrible way- I wouldn't even call them Muslim," Khalifa said.

The violence in Iraq hits too close to home for Khalifa.

"It really worries us here because the regular person on the street doesn't understand the difference of those people that are extremists and us," Khalifa said.

The East Texas Islamic Society hopes this violence comes to an end soon.

"I heard an expression evil flourishes when good men do nothing and I hope good men stand up and do something and go against these atrocities these people are doing," Khalifa said.