Former ETexan shot in double homicide

Published on Thursday, 21 August 2014 23:47 - Written by Kenneth Dean

A former Whitehouse student was shot and killed earlier this week in what authorities in central Texas are calling a double homicide during a bad acid trip.

In documents secured from Burnet County Sheriff’s officials, investigators described the events leading to the shooting deaths of 17-year-old Elijah Adam Benson (formerly of Whitehouse) and Travis Leslie Fox, 26.

Both men were shot and killed Tuesday during a birthday celebration by the Burnet County constable’s son, Garrett James Ballard, 21.

Whitehouse Independent School District Spokeswoman Adriana Moon confirmed Benson was a student in Whitehouse through elementary, junior high and his freshman year in high school before leaving the district two years ago.

The affidavit states, “Ballard stated as the narcotic hallucinogen took effect, strange and disruptive behaviors were exhibited by Fox and Benson. These actions ultimately led to Ballard taking the keys to his father’s patrol unit, opening the trunk and retrieving a .223 caliber rifle.”

The affidavit stated that when Fox exited the home, Ballard fired into Fox’s body because Fox was demonstrating some unusual and erratic behavior.

When Benson came from the home, he “began to lose control” so Ballard also shot him with the rifle, the affidavit states.

Documents state that Ballard then told authorities he drove to his girlfriend’s home and told her what happened and then contacted his sister and told her as well.

Ballard has been charged with capital murder in the slaying and is being held on no bond.

Benson’s Facebook page was filled Thursday with people leaving their condolences to the high school senior and musician.