East Texas man arrested after plowing into city limits sign

Published on Tuesday, 19 August 2014 22:33 - Written by Kenneth Dean kdean@tylerpaper.com

The city limit sign on Texas Highway 64 East was temporarily relocated earlier this week after a drunken driver plowed into it.

But where the sign ended up caused the employees at Lynch Food Mart to be amazed and even amused.

Kenny Majors, the store’s evening manager, said the city limit sign somehow flew about 20 feet into the air and became lodged in the store’s gas price sign.

“It was really weird-looking, and you could actually see it and read that it said Tyler city limits,” he said. “So I guess for a while, the city limits actually moved 50 feet from where the sign is usually posted.”

Tyler police spokesman Don Martin said the incident happened about 1:45 a.m. Monday on Fifth Street near Old Henderson Highway.

Martin said the 19-year-old driver hit at least three city signs and a telephone pole, along with several items on the store’s property with the 1992 Chevrolet Cheyenne pickup he was driving.

“The driver was offered medical treatment, but he refused, so he was transported to the Smith County Jail,” Martin said.

Majors said the store’s damage included a battered ice machine, a gas pump and the store sign.

“Luckily the ice machine took a brunt of the force once he came on the property, or he would’ve come through the store,” he said.

Majors said the damage to the gas pump was minor and did not result in any type of spill, but he said it could’ve been a different story.

“We got lucky that the damage to the pump was from one of the street signs crashing into it and not the guy’s vehicle,” he said.

Majors said repairs were underway, and the street department had been out to begin replacing the signs.

“It sure caused a lot of work for everyone, but thankfully it happened early in the morning before anyone was here working or coming into the store,” he said.

Records show the man, who is charged with a misdemeanor, remained jailed Tuesday on a $1,000 bond.