VIDEO: Winona mayor's resignation accepted in 3-1 vote

Published on Friday, 1 August 2014 09:05 - Written by

WINONA (KYTX) - Winona's city council accepted Mayor DeDe Stroud's resignation in an emergency meeting Thursday night. Stroud was only in office for a few months.

She was elected in May and wanted to make significant changes at city hall. 

The meeting opened at 6:30pm with public comments.

"Time has come for us to get answers from all the committees," local resident P.T. Brumley said. "And I'm tired of the lies."

Brumley already knew the mayor wanted out. He and others blamed the rest of the city's leadership.

"I don't know what to do about it except show up to these meetings and complain," Brumley said.

"And I'm very disappointed in our police chief," local resident David Green said. "I'm very very disappointed in you."

Most of the criticism was leveled at City Manager and Police Chief Bryan Richards. That continued when Stroud spoke about her decision to resign.

"The only experience he has is forming a police department to be corrupt, just like he is," Stroud told the council.

She wasn't surprised when the council quickly voted three to one to accept her resignation.

"They did not want me to be involved and they were covering something up," Stroud said.

Stroud said she doesn't know what that might be. She wanted to look through the books and review records. Instead, she said, she was stonewalled by everyone else at city hall.

"I would love for someone to elaborate on that," Richards said after the meeting. "'Corruption,' that's a serious word to me. I've been in law enforcement for seventeen years now and I assure you I didn't get this far in my career by being corrupt."

Richards said, much like the former mayor, he feels like he hasn't been given a chance. He has only been city manager for a few months.

"We pay our bills on time now," he said. "Unfortunately a couple of months ago the bills weren't getting paid and it was under a different city manager. That job wasn't getting done. That's why I'm sitting here now because he is no longer here."

Stroud said her hand was forced.

"They put me into executive session to relinquish my duties as mayor," she said. "One of the council members said let's take a vote and kick her out right now."

She vowed to find another way to keep fighting for Winona from outside city hall.

None of the city council members, including the mayor pro tem, would comment on Stroud's accusations about stone-walling her efforts.

The city is allowed to continue with the mayor pro tem at the helm. However, something more permanent will have to happen eventually.

There have also been questions about whether it's legal for Richards to be both the police chief and the city manager. Richards said the city attorney has approved the unique position.

CBS 19 has not been able to independently confirm the legality of it.