Smith County Sheriff wins Texas Sheriff Association's President's Award

Published on Thursday, 31 July 2014 15:46 - Written by Kenneth Dean

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith was honored earlier this week with the Sheriff's Association of Texas dinner with the President's Award for outstanding service through many years of law enforcement service to the state of Texas. 

Smith, who was elected sheriff in 2012, was presented the award by SAT President and Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano Tuesday night. 

Cerliano said Smith was chosen for his outstanding support and cooperation with the Sheriff’s Association of Texas and to his commitment to unselfish service to the people of the State of Texas.

"The award states that Sheriff Smith is recognized by his peers as an honorable person and an outstanding citizen," a sheriff's office press release states.

Cerliano cited Smith's many accomplishments throughout his almost 40 years in law enforcement, including his assistance in obtaining a confession from a shooter who had killed four people during a robbery in 1994.

That confession led to the recovery of essential evidence allowing the suspect to be convicted, according to Sheriff Cerliano, who gave many examples of Sheriff Smith’s willingness to assist other agencies in their investigations, as well as mentor law enforcement officers in case investigations and drafting search and arrest warrants.

Smith and several of his deputies attended the conference held in San Antonio in which they also participated in training classes.