VIDEO: Former deputy shot another dog before incident in April with Candy

Published on Friday, 18 July 2014 09:24 - Written by

EMORY (KYTX) -- A report detailing the discharge of then-Deputy Jerrod Dooley's gun released by the Rains County Sheriff's department indicates that Dooley's decision to shoot Candy the cow dog in April was not his first canine encounter.

In January, Dooley filed a report admitting to the shooting of a Rottweiler at a home in Point, Texas. Dooley said he had been called out there based on a report of a dangerous dog, found two dogs on the property chasing ducks and attempted to scare them off.

"When approaching [one of the dogs]," Dooley wrote, "the other Rottweiler began running toward me in an aggressive manner."

"I felt I was in imminent danger of bodily injury, and fired once at the dog," he wrote.

The report indicated that the dog suffered only from a "superficial" wound.

Cole Middleton, Candy's owner, expressed outrage that his dog was the second shot by Dooley while acting under the authority of his department.

"It just adds to the fact that he's doing this without need, without cause, without justification and he needs to be held accountable for it," Middleton said. "[Knowing that] gave me more courage and more strength to stand up and say 'Hey, this is wrong.'"

Middleton said he remained focus on the eventual passage of Candy's Law--a piece of state legislation that seeks to make non-lethal canine training mandatory for law enforcement officers across Texas.

"There's no spite, no animosity for me," he said, "but I just want to see accountability."