VIDEO: Jacksonville defeats Mississippi rival in tomato challenge

Published on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 20:49 - Written by FAITH HARPER,

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Jacksonville’s local produce received top honors in a tomato competition in Shreveport today.

The town’s tomatoes squared off in the second annual challenge against produce from Crystal Springs, Mississippi at ABC KTBS 3 in Shreveport.

Both towns take pride in their tomatoes as their primary crop, and each host a tomato festival in June. They even have a historical connection dating back to the late 1890s.

The tomatoes were judged in three categories: biggest by weight, best plate of three and taste.

Jacksonville’s tomato was the heaviest by two ounces, and its plate of three won with the criteria of consistency, color and firmness.

The towns tied on the blind taste test, with two judges preferring the taste of Jacksonville and two picking Jacksonville. The honor was given to Jacksonville for winning the other two categories.

Jacksonville took home a large trophy with a tomato on top, and will display it during the 30th annual Tomato Fest this Saturday in downtown Jacksonville.