2 Bullard men arrested in faking crime scene

Published on Sunday, 25 May 2014 21:52 - Written by Faith Harper, fharper@tylerpaper.com


Two Bullard men are accused of faking a crime scene in a scheme to get a Xanax prescription refilled.

Tyler Police Sgt. Adam Colby said officers were called to a robbery at the Valero gas station on the corner of Texas Highway 31 and East Loop 323 about 4 p.m.

The men reported they were beaten and robbed at gunpoint by three black men who ran into the woods behind the store, Colby said.

“When we get there, they have bruises cuts and contusions all over their faces and arms, so we believed that a robbery occurred,” Colby said.

Police set up a perimeter to search the woods and a K9 unit was called to help in the search, but as the officers began taking the men’s sworn statements, things were not adding up.

“Basic responses as victims were not normal and we began suspecting they made up the whole thing,” Colby said.

Emergency responders also were baffled by their injuries, which had begun to scab over and dry.

“EMS said the abrasions were starting to scab up, and that couldn’t have happened that quickly,” Colby said. “The blood was not fresh.”

Both said separately that $200 and their driver’s license was stolen from each of them, but their phones and credit cards were left because they were traceable.

“Victims don’t say things like that,” Colby said.

One also reported a brand-new bottle of Xanax was stolen from him.

Then the men decided they no longer wanted to press charges. Colby said the police were about to leave the scene when an officer spotted drug paraphernalia inside their car. One of the men attempted to fight officers after the discovery.

Marijuana, paraphernalia and a small amount of Xanax were found inside the car, but the pills did not belong to the man who reported the prescription bottle stolen, Colby said.

During another search, officers found $200 and their driver’s license inside one man’s sock and inside the other’s waistband.

The men then confessed that the scenario was fabricated.

“They knew the guy’s doctor wouldn’t give him more Xanax, but if (they) had a police report saying it was stolen, they would give him a prescription,” Colby said.

The cuts and scrapes came from a car wreck the pair was in on Saturday in Bullard, Colby said.

One man was charged with filing a false report. The other was charged with a list of misdemeanor charges including filing a false report, a false alarm, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana and a controlled substance.

The pair tied up many police resources in the city for about two hours.

“They tied up half of all the officers on duty, and we had to call out a K9 to track their assailant in the woods,” Colby said.