Committee prepares to bring beer to Lindale

Published on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 22:15 - Written by ADAM RUSSELL,

A political action committee has filed preliminary paperwork to launch a campaign to bring alcohol to the Lindale area.

Former Lindale Mayor Jim Mallory filed “appointment of campaign treasurer by specific purpose committee” paperwork to petition a local option alcohol election on behalf of the Committee for Economic Growth with the Smith County Election Office Tuesday.

Mallory assigned himself the group’s treasurer. The group can now accept and spend money for a campaign.

But Mallory said the group is in the “early, early, early” phase of the process. He said the group is discussing whether it will target the city of Lindale or Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 for alcohol sales.

Mallory said every business in Lindale stands to gain from the economic impact of alcohol but did not specify whether sales would be limited to beer and wine only or include liquor. The group has discussed petition plans with multiple consultants but has yet to “engage” any firm, he said.

He said there are no plans regarding when the petition could be placed on ballots.

Lindale is the most populated “dry” holdout in Smith County. Residents rejected beer and wine sales in 2005 69 percent to 31 percent.

Petitions would require 398 registered signatures to be placed on ballots inside the city of Lindale and 2,654 to be placed on JP 5 ballots.

“We’re just trying to take the proper steps,” he said. “Right now it’s just a few of us talking but we need to do this and bring Lindale on par with the rest of Smith County.”