The Favorites: 'Voice' contestant Stevie Jo Rosenbalm in concert with Tyler community Band

Published on Sunday, 11 May 2014 23:18 - Written by FAITH HARPER

Bethany Brizuela and her 3-year-old Selah had a mommy-daughter day Sunday afternoon.

The pair went to a free concert by the Tyler Community Band, which featured “The Voice” contestant Stevie Jo Rosenbalm, at Caldwell Auditorium in honor of Mother’s Day.

Band director Dan Stone, said the concert was a gift to the community.

“That’s the whole idea, we are here for the community,” he said.

Rosenbalm said he was excited about the opportunity to give a little back to a community that has been supportive of his talents.

“This is where I grew up,” he said. “This is where I live and I’m getting a whole lot of support right now from the community and so to do something like this, it just seems right to do.”

The Community band played an array of tunes, including marches, religious music, western music and an assortment from the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

“The audience is a mix, and if we play the same type of tunes, some people will get bored over that, and we want to try to expand and allow everybody to enjoy something that may be their favorite,” Stone said.

Rosenbalm played two solo songs and dedicated the first, “All of Me” by John Legend, to his own mother in the audience.

The final number brought the two together with the band performing “You Raise Me Up,” and Rosenbalm singing the words. Band members said Rolf Loveland originally wrote the tune as an instrumental piece and Brendan Graham later added words.

Rosenbalm said it was his first performance with a live community band, but hopes to sing with them again.

“It was cool to have it all right behind you and completely acoustic,” he said.

Mrs. Brizuela said she heard about the concert from a friend and took her musically-inclined daughter as her date while her husband watched the youngest at home.

“It was very nice,” Mrs. Brizuela said. “She loves music and it was nice to see her reactions to things.”