How do you like your steak? Readers sound off

Published on Saturday, 26 April 2014 22:57 - Written by From Staff Reports

FRESH by Brookshire’s will host its Taste of Texas celebration with a steak cookoff on May 24.

To celebrate the occasion — as well as steaks and Texas in general — East Texas steak fans are ask how they like their steak. We’ll be running their responses every Sunday through May 17.

This week, lots of Brookshire’s staffers weighed in:

“Seared ribeye served rare with salt and pepper.”

Trent Brookshire, Brookshire’s senior vice president, division manager

“Medium rare. I use a product called Gordon’s Rub Rub that we sell at FRESH and it is pretty darn good.”

Greg Cooney, non-perishable manager at FRESH


“I like mine with a little bit of seasoning and cooked medium rare. A good steak doesn’t need anything but a little bit of salt and pepper.”

Zairah Wooten, events coordinator at FRESH

“Medium well.”

Kayla Adams Goodson


Gerry Larabee

“Medium rare with butter on top.”

Andrew Dosser, health and wellness manager at FRESH

“A little bit of Montreal Steak seasoning and grilled to medium-rare.  If you are eating them well-done with ketchup/steak sauce, you’re doing it wrong!”

 Ryan Luke, CSR account representative