People are talking about ... DNA tests instead of Pap smears; statin users' bad habits

Published on Saturday, 26 April 2014 17:40 - Written by From Staff Reports

FDA OKs DNA test as alternative for Pap test. The Food and Drug Administration last week approved a genetic test to be used as a first choice over a Pap smear. The test looks for the HPV, the virus that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer. DNA tests have previously been used as a follow up to Pap smear results.

Statin users more likely to develop bad eating habits. A study published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine showed that cholesterol-lowering statin gave people a false sense of security, resulting in weight gain and other harmful conditions. The study, which occurred throughout 10 years, states that statin users are more likely to consume more calories and fat. The drugs may lower their cholesterol, but they are still susceptible to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure with continued unhealthy eating.